The Midwesterner Sweet & Savory Gift Basket

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  • Great selection of cheeses and snacks
  • Assortment of sausages and salamis
  • A delicious variety of desserts
  • See below for more details

This handsomely-decorated gift basket has everything you need for a variety of snacking favorites, like cheese, nuts, meats, and desserts! Your recipient will get an incredible assortment with tons of flavor in this ultimate gift set. 

  • Gourmet Focaccia Crisp Crackers – Tuscan-style crackers make the perfect base for meats and cheeses.
  • Stoned Wheat Crackers – Stone-ground wheat creates an amazingly tasty and crunchy cracker.
  • Cranberry Cheddar Gourmet Cheese – Sharp cheddar infused with sweet cranberries is the ultimate pairing.
  • Wisconsin Swiss Cheese and Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese – Traditional Wisconsin swiss and cheddar cheeses are sure to be favorites.
  • Chipotle Cheddar Cheese - This Chipotle cheddar has hints of peppers and smoked jalapeno.
  • Garden Vegetable Cheese – Some of your favorite garden veggies intertwined with decadent cheese.
  • Pepper Cheese - Cheese with a hint of zesty pepper pairs well with nuts and pretzels.
  • Green Olive and Pimento Cheese Dip – A jar of cheese dip with the perfect amount of green olive and pimento makes an excellent dip for meats, crackers, and pretzels.
  • Assorted Dipping Mustard – Bring a kick to your pretzels and crackers with this robust dipping mustard selection.
  • Onion Blossom Horseradish Dip – This dip will kick your crisps up a notch with onion-infused horseradish.
  • Jumbo Cashews and Peanuts – Only the best cashew and peanut assortment for the nut lover.
  • "Nik Naks" Cocktail Mix – An incredible cocktail mix of nuts and other crispy treats.
  • Mocha Almonds – Almonds are even better with a hint of rich mocha flavor.
  • Mixed Nuts – A hand-picked selection of lightly-salted and roasted nuts.
  • Assorted Biscotti – Thin, crispy biscuits pair wonderfully with cheese and dips.
  • Beef Salami – Carefully selected beef salami with delicious spices.
  • All Beef Summer Sausage with Cranberries – A perfect mix of savory summer sausage and sweet, tangy cranberries.
  • Smoked Salmon – 4 oz. – Real salmon with a distinct smoked flavor.
  • Mint Chocolate Wafer Cookies – Thin wafer crisps dipped in delectable mint-infused chocolate.
  • Cranberry Bog Frogs - Sweetened dried cranberries and cashews smothered with caramel and chocolate.
  • Bourbon Vanilla Dessert Twists – Hand-twisted and baked dessert sticks flavored with a delightful mix of bourbon and vanilla.
  • Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookies – The sweet and salty combination in these cookies is the ultimate dessert ending to the samplers in this basket.
  • Chocolate Rum Cake – A deliciously moist chocolate cake soaked in rum for the perfect texture and flavor.
  • Dipping Pretzels – Perfectly-salted pretzels are ready for dipping in the various assortment of dips in this basket.
  • Classic-Flavored Tortuga Cayman Island Rum Cake -
  • Assorted German Chocolate Dipped Cookies -
  • Dad’s Scotch Oatmeal Cookies – A favorite from Dad’s Cookie Company, this treat is made with rolled oats and ground raisins.
  • Pillow Chocolate Filled Cookies – These soft cookies with a pillow of chocolate inside will melt in your mouth for a delectable treat.
  • Tiramisu Cream Filled Cookies – Italian dessert-like cookies with creamy filling.
  • Mixed Caramel Chews – A premium assortment of luscious caramels.

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