Below is a video that shows how your package will arrive and discusses how to properly unpack and thaw your product before cooking:

Video Transcript: How Will My Order Ship

Good morning, welcome to the Chicago Steak Company. My name is Philippe Bind. I am the corporate chef welcoming you into my kitchen. I wanted to personally thank you, first of all, for enjoying and receiving some of our perfectly packaged product at your home, so what I want to do is make sure now and go through the process with you of what exactly you have purchased.  Again, thank you very much for purchasing that. So I wanted to make sure that you received this product and box perfectly packaged, rushed, and insulated to your house. So upon receiving that we will want to make sure to open the package up correctly, so let's open this up.

So now we have a couple of little goodies in here for you. The first thing is going to be your packaging slip just to make sure you are actually receiving the product that you have ordered, and we take very great pride in making sure to check every single order that we processed so that all of our customers are happily satisfied with the product they received. In regards to your registration card that you received right here, this card is going to be packaged specifically for you and has at the bottom, as you can see right here, a registration number that has been designed specifically for your order and processed just for you. So again a little touch for you just to make sure that we take care of our customers the way we like to. Upon opening the card, you will see some instructions on how to cook the product and thaw the product, just to help you out and make sure you enjoy the quality steak that you have just purchased. On top of that we want to make sure that you come back so we have included a gift check for 25 dollars that will hopefully bring you back after you have enjoyed this great steak, as well as a little thank you card for shopping with us that will give you additional deals from free lobsters to 10-15% off based on the orders that you have or will be purchasing from us as well. 

One portion that I want to make sure that we all look at that is very important is that this product has been packed in dry ice.  You want to make sure never to touch dry ice, and for this purpose we have wrapped every piece of dry ice separately to protect you. It is very normal that the product may come to you with no dry ice left in the box.

So now that we've gone through this, let's go through this little box of goodies here. And what we will have is on your first box here from Chicago Steak Company is our chicken breast with lemon pepper that you have purchased from us, so I'm sure that you will enjoy that.  In the second box that we have we are going to have our gourmet beef burgers, so obviously we will have burgers on the grill and I'm sure you will enjoy that, and if I could I would come with you and enjoy that with you.

In the last box we actually have here our Chicago best seller, and in our best seller we are going to have the filet mignon, the boneless strips, the rib eye as well as our top sirloin steak. Again, this is our best seller and I know you will enjoy this product. When you see inside the box you will see some dry ice left. We want to make sure just to leave this in here do not touch it, put the lid back on, and we will put this box aside for right now.

If we look at our best seller we want to make sure that we are going to flip this and open it properly. So what you see right here is the Chicago Steak Company sticker, wrapped perfectly.  So you will see in here that we have your sirloin steaks perfectly cut and individually vacuumed for your purpose. Your two filet mignon, again vacuumed perfectly for you. Your two rib eye steaks cut specifically the way you have ordered it as well as your 2 New York strips. So here we are with the product that is in our Chicago best seller box of steaks. So the proper way to make sure we enjoy the steaks is obviously that you will have to thaw the product correctly, and for this process you will remove it from the freezer and place it in your fridge for anywhere from 24 to 36 hours just to make sure that the product has the chance to thaw out properly in refrigeration. Upon opening up the product, you will see that the flesh of the meat is going to turn bright red. That is called blooming, which is perfect.  You will see a perfect product that will come to you thawed out after 36 hours, put it on the grill, and the last thing, enjoy it.  Thank you.

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