USDA Prime - Wet Aged T-Bone Steak

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  • GRADE:USDA Prime Wet Aged
  • WEIGHT:18oz
  • AGED:4-6 weeks to enhance flavor & tenderness
  • PACKAGING:Individually wrapped & vacuum sealed
  • Individually Registeredwith its own unique registration number - guaranteeing uncompromising quality
  • Gift Box:Delivered in a classic black & gold gift box

Product is flash frozen before shipping to lock in flavor and will arrive frozen or partially thawed


Wet Aged T-Bones

Our USDA Prime T-Bone is dual delight, the bone-in tender strip loin on one side of the bone and the sumptuous velvety Filet Mignon on the other. The beef T-bone is the Queen of all Steaks. Steadily wet-aged and hand-cut to perfection, buy steak online with us and we guarantee this steak will please your taste buds and tantalize your tongue. This perfect steak is for celebrating life, and all special occasions.

All steaks are USDA inspected...but is your steak GRADED? Chicago Steak Company only sells the very best.

Cooking T-Bone Steaks

If your steak is frozen, we recommend thawing it in a pan, thawing in a pan helps catch any drippings that may occur, under refrigeration for 24 hours. Season with our signature steak seasoning When turning your steak, be sure to use tongs and not a fork. A fork will puncture the steak and allow for the juices to escape the steak. Allow your steak to rest for half of the cooking time. This allows for the juices to flow back into the center of the steak.

Steak Cooking Tips

1. Plan ahead. Know the thickness of the t-bone you are cooking. A steak is more flavorful and tender if not overcooked.2. Preheat your grill or broiler to high. Charcoal coals should be ashen grey and red-hot. When cooking on top of the range, the cast iron skillet or grill pan should be hot, but not smoking.3. Season your steak with salt & pepper or a blended mix to taste.4. Lightly oil your cooking surface.5. Sear the steaks on first side using the times listed on the Steak-Cooking Chart as a guide. Flip when juices begin to bead on the surface.6. Cook your steaks on the second side and use the steak cooking chart below as a guide for time. Less time will be needed on the second side. Steaks may cook quickly, so be attentive.7. Gauge doneness. This may be determined by touch or meat thermometer. A rare steak will feel very soft when touched and will have an internal temperature of 120° - 125°F. Medium rare steak will feel soft and spongy to the touch and register 130° F, medium steaks will offer resistance when touched and register 140° -145° F. Well-done steaks will be firm with an internal temperature of 160° F.8. Rest your steak. Allow steaks to stand for 5 minutes before serving. This lets the juices flow from the center of the meat to the exterior, resulting in a juicy & succulent steak. 
For more tips on how to cook your steak, check out the video below.


ThicknessRare 110° To 120° FMedium Rare 120° To 130° FMedium 130° To 140° F
1" 5 min First Side3 min Second Side 4.5 min EACH SIDE 6 min First Side4 min Second Side
1.25" 5 min First Side4 min Second Side 5.5 min EACH SIDE 7 min First Side5 min Second Side
1.5" 6 min First Side4 min Second Side 6 min EACH SIDE 7 min EACH SIDE
1.75" 6 min First Side5 min Second Side 6.5 min EACH SIDE 8 min First Side7 min Second Side
2" 6 min EACH SIDE 7 min EACH SIDE 8 min EACH SIDE



T-Bone Wine Pairing

The T-Bone steak has a higher degree of marbling (good fat content) which should be taken in consideration when pairing a wine. With that in mind, a red wine is the perfect pairing for this steak. It’s also safe to say that your chardonnay may not be the best choice for this steak.

Both Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel work perfectly with the T-Bone. Your choice will depend on how robust you like your wine flavors. Both score right in the middle of the wine sweetness scale, but the Zinfandel has some spiciness weaved into its fruity flavor


Packaged with Care

When you place an order with Chicago Steak Company, we do everything we can to ensure that your package arrives in excellent condition. All of our steaks are vacuum wrapped and flash frozen in their natural juices to lock in the flavor. The steaks are then wrapped in our attractive food grade paper, sealed with the Chicago Steak Company gold label, and placed in our gorgeous gift box. Those gift boxes are placed inside our reusable insulated cooler with enough dry ice to keep them cold until arrival. For more information on shipping, and other Frequently Asked Questions see our FAQ page.

Watch the Video to see how your order is packed, how it will arrive, and how to thaw it properly.

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