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No-Fuss Broiled Filet Mignon

Some broiled filet mignon recipes have you creating glazes or wrapping your filets in bacon to elevate your dish. We're going to keep it simple so that you can get the hang of broiling filet mignon and getting the right internal temperature. This recipe is easy for people of any cooking level to accomplish right in their own kitchen.
Prep Time 35 mins
Servings 4 people


  • 4 8-10oz filet mignon from Chicago Steak Company
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • 4 tbsp butter, cut into 1 tbsp pieces (optional)


  • Remove the filets from the refrigerator and place on a cutting board at room temperature 30-40 minutes before cooking. Salt the filets generously on all sides.
  • Preheat the broiler. Make sure the rack you'll be using is about five inches from the broiler. Spray the pan you'll be using for the filets with a thin layer of cooking spray or brush with olive oil. Place the pan in the oven while the broiler preheats.
  • Sprinkle pepper on both sides of each filet. Lightly brush filets with olive oil on all sides.
  • Remove the preheated pan from the oven and place the filets on it. Add the pan back to the oven under the broiler on the top rack.
  • Allow the filets to broil for four minutes, or until a golden-brown crust forms on the top. Then, flip the filets to the other side using tongs and put them back under the broiler. Cook for another four minutes until the top side crisps.
  • Check that the internal temperature reaches 130-135 degrees for medium-rare. Place back in for another minute or two to reach the desired temperature (medium requires 140-145 degrees).
  • Place filets on a clean cutting board tented with foil to rest for 5-10 minutes before serving. Just before serving, add a pat of butter to each filet, if desired.