Father's Day Great Steak Stories Chicago Steak Company's favorite customer stories. Enjoy reading...Father's Day Great Steak Stories Chicago Steak Company's favorite customer stories. Enjoy reading...

Below are some of the Great Steak Stories we received from customers just like you! We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have

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We had been married only a short time when my hubby expressed a desire to have a barbeque. It was close to his b-day, so I made that my gift to him. I also bought him the charcoal and the cooking tools. I asked him if he knew how to cook things on the grill (I was raised in the country and was an ol' pro at those types of things), and he said that even though he had never done it before, "how hard could it be"? After placing the steaks on the grill, and waiting a respectable amount of time, I asked him if he had checked them yet. He said that he hadn't, but for me not to "worry my pretty little head" with such "man stuff". After a 1/2 hour had passed, I asked him again, and after he "shushed" a second time, I stayed silent. After a total of 45 minutes on the grill, he placed the charred cinders on our plates. It is a testament to my love for him, that I did not say a word, but dutifully tried to saw my way through what had, by this point, become cow leather. It is now almost five years later, and my husband has since gotten the hang of it, but I don't think that he'll ever be able to recall that particular summer evening without cringing.

Alicia W
Winchester, VA

It was June 17, 1973 Father's Day and two days before my 13th birthday. (I was born on Father's Day.) My father was letting me cook the steaks for the first time. I do not remember what kind of steaks but with a family of 7 kids, steak was steak!! My father did help me with getting the charcoal white hot in the ole pot belly style webber grill. I felt like a grown up since I was cooking the meat in the back yard. I remember that I had to watch the flames and move the steaks if the flames got to high. I cooked by timing 7 minutes by my dad's watch. I did not have a wrist watch at the time. The greatest feeling was walking in to the dining room with the plate of steaks and yelling for everyone to come to the table because supper was ready. My son who is 17 now has been cooking our steaks for the last 4 years also. It is like passing down a family tradition and honor. The pot belly Webber is gone and we use propane now. However the memory of my first grilling of steaks and thememory of my son's first grilling will always be etched in my mind.

Scott T
Stuarts Draft Virgina

It was over 50 years ago, and I still remember the greatest steak I ever had. My mom, dad, and I were travelling across country along Route 66. We stopped over night in Amarillo, Texas. There was no air conditioning, then. So, the windows were open, the room was filled with the aroma of grilled steak. It was coming from a restaurant next door. We went, and it was the first place I have ever been that let you pick out your own steak. I picked out a good looking rib eye and watched as the cook threw it on the open fire grill. It was fantastic! I don't remember what I had with it except for a huge piece of Texas toast which came with a cup of the juices captured from the grill for you to dip you toast in. I was only 13 then, and I am 63 now. Still, every time I think back on that steak, my mouth waters!

Michael R
Danville, VA

My 13 year old daughter loves steak. Always has. When she was 9 years old and in 3rd grade, her school as a project that goes all year. Based on the books they read and how they do on test they get points. If you get 100 points the reward is a limo ride out to lunch. So she qualified and the trip was to Damons Steak house in Sandusky, OH. All the kids were ordering hot dogs, Macaroni and cheese and other items from the kids menu. When it came time for my daughter to order she ask the teacher if there was any restrictions. They said no. She looked at the waitress and said give me the biggest steak you have medium well. All the teachers bust out laughing. Nice thing was she got it and ate it all. To this day she wants the biggest steak on the menu.

David S
Lorain, OH

For our 25th anniversary, my husband and I received a gift of steak from your company. We had only ever had steak from another mail order company and were always satisfied. Grilling up your Black Angus Top Sirloins, they sure didn't look any different from other steaks we had purchased. Imagine our suprise when we finally bit into them. They were the most flavorful and juicy top sirloins we had ever had! We were in heaven, they were that good. We frequent a lot of steak houses as we have always both loved steak. The steaks we received from your company were better,yes, BETTER than our favorite Steak House. Thank you for providing such high quality beef for the home consumer. I can't wait to try more of your products.

Melane D

It all began one quiet evening in the back yard of my childhood home. My Dad was grilling up two beautifully marinaded london broils on our old but reliable outdoor grill. He checked on the steaks every five to ten minutes to flip them over and add a little extra flavor to the meat. On his third visit to the grill he opened the lid and saw only one steak where just moments ago there had been two. Lets just say that my father was not to happy about the situation, using a few choice words, preceded to search high and low around the yard for the missing steak. Unsure of what had happened to his dinner he came inside and interrogated each and every one of us who was in the house. Realizing from the shocked look on our faces, after hearing what had happened, my father knew we had not taken his steak. With that we all joined forces and started our own quest with flashlights in hand in search of the animal that took our delicious dinner. Our flashlights scanned every inch of our backyard. As we came to the final corner of our fenced in yard our lights shown upon the suspect. There in the corner of our yard was a heavy set man, the glare from the flashlight reflexing off of his glasses. In his hand was a large fork and at the end of that fork was our missing steak. The surprised look on all of our faces must have been priceless. As for the man....it was my uncle. My uncle lived down the street from us and just couldn't resist having a little fun with my father when he smelled those steaks cooking. We all had a good laugh and an even better dinner!

Adrienne S
Franklin, NJ

It was Father's Day 2006 and my Mom and new Step Dad had just gotten married the week before. My Step Dad, myself and step-brother-in-law decided to have a Steak Cook Off, with the rest of the family being the judges. On this side of the family we are all very proud of our grilling skills and styles. My mother, wife and new step-sisters went out and got us all aprons, hats and special mugs. We brought our own grills to my mom's. The women made the pasta salad and potatoes while the 'boys' prepared the meat for everyone. The step dad made his famous NY Strip light brushed with olive oil with a sea salt and pepper seasoning, my brother-in-law made a very tender marinated chuck roast (he still won't shared the recipe for the marinade), and I made some Porterhouses seasoned in a blend of seasoning salt, minced garlic and onion. Seeing the 3 of us out there 'working the grills' was quite a site and a great reminder that these specials day are for bring families together. Needless to see, we were all winners and everyone had a great time. We now do this as an annual event, but it was always the first that was the most memorable.

Scott W
Eastpointe, MI

Our love affair was sizzling from the start. Together, we drove to the beach at dusk. As the sun slowly melted into the water, giving the sky a spectacular orange glow, I lit the fire on a grill. I then rubbed my thick, juicy premium choice steak with a little olive oil seasoned with cracked pepper, sea salt and fresh herbs. I gently placed the steak on the grill and heard it crackle and hiss at it started getting hot. The sight, sounds and smell became so overwhelming that as passersby walked along, they couldn't help but openly remark that they wished they were in the company of something as extraordinary and as mouth-watering as what was with me. Soon, it was time to partake in the part of the evening I had been thinking about all day - eating that beautiful, melt-in-your mouth steak! It was better than I thought it would be!

Lee H
Carlsbad, CA

Our son was in Afghanistan with the Army and I knew that his first birthday so far from home would be a rough one. We had not heard from him in over two weeks but his Commander assured us that he was alright but could not communicate from where he was at this time. Our son loves steak more than anything in the world so we decided to grill some steaks on his birthday to celebrate his birth but also as this is what he asked for every year on his birthday. The other children were here and although I tried hard, I just could not fight back the tears as in my mind I could see how much he would have loved this. I began looking for the steak sauce in the refrigerator and while kneeling on the floor looking through the last shelves I heard a voice say "looking for this?" I looked up and there in a wrinkled uniform looking as if he had not had sleep in days was my son! He handed me a bottle of steak sauce saying "I was kind of hoping you might make me a steak for my birthday". It turned out that the day after he arrived at his duty station he was granted two weeks of leave and wanted to surprise. He had been traveling for over 4 days, yet he had never looked better in my eyes. What turned out to be a rough day turned out be the greatest steak grill out we have ever had!


The sun gently rose above the treetops, calmly warming the green grass blades that had previously been mowed. The birds were chirping, waiting to receive their next meal. It was the forth of July, and I had a huge meal to prepare. Every Independence Day our family has this big barbeque and I'm in charge of the cooking. Not my husband, me. A woman responsible for feeding almost a dozen men. I should win a medal for that alone. Two days previous to the big day I go shopping for all the essentials, including plenty of steak. I love steak myself, but dont get me started on men and their obsession with the meat. I make sure to pick up a bottle or two of A1 Steak Sauce, can't live without it! Steak, steak sauce, what could I be missing? A light bulb goes off above my head as steak seasoning comes into mind. It's not every day I prepare such a meal, but how could I forget seasoning! When I arrive home, everything is put away until the big day. "Well, today's going to be a fun day Cindy" I say sarcastically to myself, waking up the morning of July forth. I turn to notice my husband wasn't laying there right beside me. That's strange, he's not a morning person and it was only eight in the morning I think to myself. My hand comes in contact with the railing as I descend down the staircase. I am greeted with a warm hug and a kiss from my husband who was wearing an apron. I hesitate to feel his forehead. For the first time in years, he had decided to prepare everything for me. My cheeks turn a rose red as I'm overcome with joy. Everything turned out the way it was supposed to be. The steak was amazing, to this day I cannot duplicate the meal we had on that day. Now, what's in store for this year?

Cindy M
Stamford, CT

I don't really have a specific great steak story but every summer, I look forward to being able to go to my parents house in Maine and grill with my father. It gives us time to catch up, laugh and eat most of the food before we serve it to the family (haha)! We always find excuses to eat the steak tips... "Oh that piece is too small and it might fall through, guess we should eat it." "This piece is ready and the rest isn't so we should probably eat it so it doesn't get cold." We always find ways to justify eating most of the steak tips!

Meredith H
Malden, MA

What would Father's Day be without Chicago Steak? We enjoy them every which way you'd like to make.

Broiled, or grilled. Marinated or rubbed. They're so tender and juicy, even Dad can't flub.

Add your favorite side, sit back and sigh... What a beautiful presentation for our favorite Father's Day guy!


It was the last day of school in my college freshman year and my Mom had offered to take me and my dorm mates out for a steak dinner. She made reservations and my friends and I showed up at the restaurant at the appointed hour. We were seated and explainded to the waiter that our hostess hadn't yet arrived to which he said that she had said to go ahead and serve us as she might be late which we did, the steaks and all of the extras were delicious but time passed and finally we had eaten the last of desert and Mom was no where in sight. With visions of washing dishes for a long time we explained our plight to the waiter and with stern face and shaking his head he went over to the matre de and the two of them seemed to confir then the waiter and the matre de came over to our table with suspicious grins on their faces. Seems Mom had been called out of town and stopped in earlier and left her credit card with instructions to return it to me when we were done. With a loud whew! I signed the chit and we left breathing easier.


I bought a couple of juicy ribeye steaks to take to my parents' house for a cookout last weekend for a pre-Father's Day cookout. They were hand selected, and they looked delicious.

When I got to their house, I meticulously seasoned the two steaks that I brought and set them aside; my mom and dad don't like their steaks seasoned, so nobody is offended when I prep my own steaks.

Then I went to carry on with the family doing family things--frolicking in the yard with the dogs, playing with the kids, playing video games with the teenagers, and just play talking and telling stories.

By the time we were called to dinner I had a healthy appetite just short of starving. My mom made up the table with all kinds of side dishes: beans, potatoes, various salads, chips.

Then my dad brought in this tray full of these strange, little black briquette-looking things of various shapes and sizes and set them on the table. There were two black things set off to the side.

"Those are yours." My dad said to me.

"Um. . ."

He said, "They're a little well done, but you can scrape off the black stuff."

They were more than a little well done. They were burnt to a crisp. In fact, they were entombed by a 1/4 inch crust of carcinogen-causing meat embers. It wasn't something that could be scraped off. I'm not sure it could have been sand blasted off. I hit my steak a couple of times with a fork and it went, "tink, tink, tink."

So, without trying to be rude or hurt anybody's feelings, I said, "Can I have some extra baked beans?"

I ended up going vegetarian that night, along with everybody else. My hand picked, meticulously prepared steak had been reduced to a smoldering exercise in archeological research, and I left with a steak craving of historic proportions.


My dad used to tell us stories about "the good old days" as he grilled the steaks and burgers every holiday. Mom would invite some neighbors over and the adults would have a beer in one hand and gesture with the other hand while telling tales also. Us kids would kind of listen to them but we had our eyes on the meat on the grill. We waited impatiently as the coals got hot and the smoke rose, the smell taunted our taste buds. Dad knew when the steaks were medium rare and should be taken off the grill to rest a few minutes. That drove us kids crazy. But it was all worth waiting for, the juices dripping down our shirts as we devoured the steaks. Nothing like the taste of a steak grilled outdoors in the summertime. Now everytime I taste a steak grilled outside my mind goes back to my Dad, the great times listening to him and eating what he cooked. Dad only cooked when it was outside but the memories make me wish he was still living to do more cooking and telling me stories, waving his arms and making me feel secure again. Summer is not the same without him.


Father's day 1991 at Camp Freedon, Kuwait, I delivered steak dinner to over 1000 fathers that I invited (from Marines, Army, Navy, and French forces located in and around Kuwait City. Dinner included steak to arder, baked potato, green beans, salid, bread, and ice cream. Many dads said it was the best meal they had since the war started! As commander of Task Froce Freedom Logisitical element we won the show that day with the combat guys! The fact that I threw in showers and laundry service for the marines made is all the sweeter!

Jim B
Carmel, IN

My 5 year old daughter decided that she wanted shrimp for her birthday dinner. As we were getting ready to check out at the store, Emma promptly shouted, "Where's my birthday STEAKS?" I reminded her that she said that she wanted shrimp for her birthday dinner to which she quickly added, "Shrimp is just extra, it's not a birthday party without steaks for dinner!" After a quick chuckle and a sprint to the meat department, my wife and I realized that we always have steaks for special parties and even our kids know what make a GREAT party special!


We have in my neighborhood a really mean and smart flock of Ravens, they have been known to steal the food right off any unattended grill. Well one day I fell into that category of grillers, but not for lack of protection, as i had to make a beer run to the fridge, i assigned my dog(one of dubious breeding) the task of watching the Rib Eyes and not to let those thieving Ravens get them. So the cat and i went in and on our way out we watched helplessly as 3 Ravens attacked my steaks, and in what was slow motion to us my dog jumped at the birds knocking over the grill as he went. The grill twisted and turned and went kerplunk into my expensively stocked Koi pond. The water immediately started hissing from the hot coals, all this while the Ravens went cawing off in the distance with their ill gotten rewards. the dog of course was fine, but not all was lost as the cat and i managed a pretty good meal of boiled Koi....my family still denys any of this, but my cat and i we know better.


My steak story is all about "if at first you don't succeed, try,try again." The first time I ever cooked a steak it came out looking like one of those plastic chew toy steaks you give to dogs to play with. The second time I cooked a steak I was so nervous from the doggy toy incident that I undercooked it to the point that it was still mooing (and not in a good way). The third time I cooked a steak it looked great, it smelled great, but it was really tough around the edges and still uncooked in the center (not sure how I did this). Finally after almost swearing off cooking another steak again. I bought a cookbook called "grilling basics." Not only did I learn how to cook a steak..but I leaned how to COOK A STEAK!! I mean a really good steak that is just the right color, texture, and seasoned well. Oh they also introduced me to the concept of a meat thermometer. Who knew there was such a thing and what a great invention!!! Now I am no longer afraid to cook a steak and am so confident in my skills that I have even ventured into the expensive meat section of the store. My last one was two organic filet mignons that were braised in a red wine sauce before grilling and served with white chedder mashed potatoes and grilled corn. Not to brag...but I think I could give some of the male members in my family a run for their money.


I remember when I was young meat was a treat and grilling, well back then my dad thought he knew it all and we had one of those old covered charcoal grills. One fourth of July dad went to the warehouse where we bought meat- this was way before sams club- it was a restaurant wwarhouse --he started up the grill and we all were hanging here and there and dad was in the middle of the backyard trying to get the grill going- it was drizzling on and off so it was hard to get it going but he was determined to grill those suckers..and what he did- he put them on even though the flame was low...it was taking to long and opened the lid and did something even I know know- ok well it was scarey and funny then- he squit the gasoline- or firestarter in to get it to flame up- oh boy did it and the grill was a beautiful fire in minutes- it was ruined and we had hotdogs boiled in water on the inside and noone was hurt but oh boy- what a memory- and you hear the stories of people doing it but seeing it is amazing. Mom never let him have another grill- he had a hibache grill that he already owned and mom hide all the starters from him after that. nope we are not from the south but now I look at it and think he had hillbilly in him from growing up!


My Dad is married to a vegetarian. She refuses to even cook meat for my Dad. So when I decided to have my Dad over for Father's Day and cook some steaks out on the grill he was ecstatic.

I got an awesome deal on some steaks and even bought some steak sauce and mushrooms to cook on them. My husband has cooking on the grill pretty much down to a science so I knew they were gonna be good.

We stood around and watched the steaks and mushrooms grill. My Dad had a huge smile on his face. It had been quite some time since he had had a nice big fat juicy steak. The steaks were finally done and we each took one off the grill and put it on our plates. I told my Dad the largest one had his name on it. His smile got even wider and then we all sat down around the table and enjoyed our meal and my Dad ate the steak so fast it looked like he hadn't eaten in years!


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