Strip Steaks

A steakhouse favorite and a crowd pleaser! The Strip Steak, also known as a New York Strip, that comes from the short loin of the cattle, is a rarely used muscle; resulting in a juicy tender steak. Like all of our steaks, the strip steak is aged for four to six weeks which enhances the flavor and tenderness of the steak. We offer these slowly aged, hand cut and trimmed steaks in both boneless and bone in portions as well as Premium Angus, USDA Prime Wet Aged, USDA Prime Dry Aged, and Wagyu-Kobe. Perfect for your next grilling!
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Strip Steaks Overview

The Strip steak comes from the short loin area that’s just in front of the hips of the cow. It gets plenty of blood flow but doesn’t do much heavy lifting. The result is a tender cut of beef that is in high demand at steakhouses around the world. While the New York Strip steak is one popular variation, all forms of the Strip steak are a tasty and tender choice. The meat is second only to the tenderloin when it comes to texture. Yet many people think it has a better flavor than even the Filet Mignon. Since the longissimus muscle used for cutting this steak is far larger than the tenderloin, the resulting pieces tend to be long and in strip shape. Other names for this steak include the Ambassador or New York steak.

Strip Steaks Grades

All beef is graded by the USDA based on the amount of marbling and other features that determine its texture and flavor. For the best Strip steak, choose only USDA Prime beef. Go a step further and choose aged or Wagyu steaks if you’re planning a special dinner.

Premium Angus Strip Steaks

The best Angus beef was once only found in Scotland. Today’s American Angus is just as flavorful thanks to extra marbling and a soft texture. Angus Strip steaks are juicy and easy to cook without concerns about drying out the meat.

USDA Wet Aged Strip Steaks

Wet aging adds a softer texture and a deeper flavor to the standard Strip steak. It’s a great way to highlight the fat in this cut without making the flavor too intense for everyday enjoyment.

USDA Dry Aged Strip Steaks

Dry aging transforms the usual flavor of beef into something entirely new. Many people find that they come to prefer the intense and almost exotic flavor of dry aging, especially when it’s used on a rich cut like the Strip steak.

American Wagyu Strip Steaks

American Wagyu beef may not come directly from Japan, but they still have the genetics that make the beef so prized around the world. These steaks are dense, finely grained, and easy to cut even without a knife. It’s one of the best types of Strip steak you could enjoy for an anniversary or birthday meal.

How to Cook Strip Steaks Guides

Get the best Strip steak experience without heading to the steakhouse. It’s all easy to make at home with these guides from Steak University on handling Strip steaks so they turn out juicy and flavorful.

Strip Steaks Recipes

Go beyond the basics of salt and pepper when enjoying your Strip steak meal. We’ve got plenty of recipes for you to explore.

Strip Steaks FAQ's

Is the Ribeye or Strip Steak better?

Due to marbling and tenderness, many people prefer the Strip steak to the Ribeye. However, it’s mostly a matter of personal preference.

What makes a New York Strip steak?

There’s nothing really different about the New York Strip or any other Strip steak. It’s also called a Club steak or Kansas City steak.

How can you make a Strip steak more tender?

Using a cooking method like sous vide can leave the meat so tender it’s easily cut with a fork. Marinating the meat also helps soften it.