Filet Mignon

The tenderloin (part of the short loin), or Filet Mignon, is the most velvety, tender part of the steak. Our Filets are hand-cut and individually scrutinized for color, texture, and marbling. They are then slowly aged for 4-6 weeks to produce a buttery tenderness you can’t find anywhere else. We offer certified USDA Choice, Wet Aged USDA Prime, Wet Aged USDA Prime and Kobe-Wagyu filets, ensuring that you really are getting the world’s finest beef. Indulge in Chicago Steak Filet Mignon and treat yourself and your guests to a classy and delicious meal they will never forget.
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Filet Mignon Overview

The Filet Mignon is one of the most beloved steak cuts for many reasons. This particular piece of beef offers rich flavor, a soft and buttery texture, and a good balance between marbled and lean meat. You’ll find it as part of a beef tenderloin, specifically on the narrow side that receives less exercise. The Filet Mignon is found up against the backbone under the rib cage.

While a Filet Mignon is often one of the most expensive cuts at a steakhouse, it can be far more affordable when cooked at home. Preparing your own luxury meal is even easier with Wagyu or Angus beef.

You can find it all here at Chicago Steak Company, including ideas on how to cook your steaks and what to serve alongside them.

Filet Mignon Grades

Not all grades of beef are the same. All Filet Mignon offers tenderness and flavor, but the higher-quality meat will practically melt in your mouth. Meat is rated on marbling, color, and other quality factors. While there’s nothing wrong with picking up a Choice or Select Filet Mignon to save money, higher quality aged or premium beef is a worthwhile investment for any special dinner.

Premium Angus Filet Mignon

Angus beef originates in Scotland, but today’s American beef is just as high quality as the original cows that were imported decades ago. Angus beef is popular for its intense marbling and pure beef flavor.

USDA Wet Aged Filet Mignon

Wet aging is a process that produces a more intense beef flavor without significantly changing that flavor. It’s milder and less noticeable than dry aging, but it softens the meat as well without causing it to lose texture.

USDA Dry Aged Filet Mignon

Dry aging takes place in a large and open space where cold air can circulate around the hanging meat. This transforms the meat’s flavor to make it nutty and intense. The texture also becomes slightly drier and firmer but without losing juiciness when cooked.

Wagyu Filet Mignon

Wagyu is the Japanese term for beef cattle, but in America, it refers to cows from one of the breeds imported from Japan. This beef is a premium product because of its natural marbling, intensity of flavor, and smooth muscle texture.

How to Cook Filet Mignon Guides

Filet Mignon responds well to grilling, cooking in a cast iron pan, or even oven roasting. Just don’t overcook the steak and use a meat thermometer to know exactly when to take it off the heat. Try one of the following methods for great results.

Filet Mignon Recipes

Proper pairings make the rich taste of the premium Filet Mignon sing. Creamy sauces, classic pepper crust methods, and other options abound for the adventurous home chef.

Filet Mignon FAQ's

Is Filet Mignon the finest steak available?
It’s widely considered one of the finest options because of the combination of a soft texture and rich flavor.

Does Filet Mignon come from the tenderloin?
Yes, this steak is cut from the smaller and more narrow side of the beef tenderloin.

Why is Filet Mignon more expensive than other steaks?
Since there is only a small amount of this cut on each cow and it’s in high demand, Filet Mignon fetches a premium price.