USDA Prime Wet-Aged Beef

For some people, only the most tender beef will please them. When this is the case, turn to our selection of USDA Prime wet aged beef here at Chicago Steak Company. Only wet aging gives you the perfectly fork-tender steak you’ve dreamed about. Without the relaxing effects of this kind of aging, even the best beef can toughen up when grilled or smoked. Wet aging ensures that the meat stays tender no matter how you cook it. It’s simply one of the best ways to improve both the texture and flavor of your favorite cuts of meat.

USDA Prime Wet-Aged Beef Favorites

What Makes USDA Prime Wet-Aged Beef Special?

USDA Prime beef represents the very top 2% or 3% of the meat produced each year by the cattle industry. Once that high-grade meat is placed in a wet aging vat, enzymes within the meat go to work softening the fibers and deepening the flavor. Wet aged meat has a stronger beef flavor with extra umami. Many people consider meat aged this way more flavorful, not to mention much more tender. It’s a slightly quicker process than dry aging while still producing amazing and unique results.

What Customers Are Saying About Chicago Steak Company's USDA Prime Wet-Aged Beef

Customers rave about the tenderness of our Prime wet aged beef, especially when they choose the best cuts like Ribeye and Tomahawk steaks. They can’t get enough of our classic Midwest beef improved with the latest in aging technology. Each steak is hand-trimmed and hand-cut to ensure the highest possible quality thanks to our butchers. You’ll taste the difference in every bite.

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FAQs about USDA Prime Wet-Aged Beef

How are the wet and dry aging processes different?

Dry aging involves hanging the beef in a cold environment with specific humidity in the air. Wet aging requires us to encase the meat in a vacuum-sealed system that surrounds the meat in its own natural juices. Both allow the enzymes within the meat to improve its texture and flavor, but wet aging has more of an effect on the texture than dry aging does.

Does wet aging improve the flavor of beef?

Wet aging is a technique primarily used for improving the texture. Yet it also deepens the flavor, giving the meat a mineral taste that is appealing to most. It’s commonly described as tasting more like beef than non-aged meat.

How can you cook Prime wet aged beef?

This Prime grade beef is cooked the same way as any other steak or roasts you enjoy. They turn out great on the grill, in the smoker, or even in an appliance like the air fryer.


The Best Seller year after year has a sampling of the best cuts of USDA Prime Angus steak which include 2 6oz Filet Mignons, 2 10oz Boneless Strips, 2 8oz Top Sirloins, and 2 12oz Boneless Ribeyes. It makes the perfect gift for any steak enthusiast. Each steak is hand-selected and hand carved to ensure you get the best cut possible and then wet-aged to intensify its naturally delicious flavor. In short - the very best steaks your money can buy.

Why Choose USDA Prime Wet-Aged Beef from Chicago Steak Company

You can trust our wet aging process makes a real difference with our Prime beef because we seal each piece up for a full 6 weeks before selling it. Unique registration numbers ensure each piece is handled with care from start to finish. The extended wet aging process produces a depth of flavor and tender texture that no one else can beat. Your guests will ask for seconds and thirds when you’re serving up this high-quality beef. Invest in some of the best steaks and more from Chicago Steak Company to experience the true wet-aged difference.