Renowned for its exceptional marbling, tenderness and rich flavor, Australian Wagyu is the pinnacle when it comes to luxurious beef. These steaks come from Japanese Wagyu cattle that are bred in Australia's pristine environments allowing the cattle to roam freely in the country's vast pastures. Australian Wagyu offers a unique eating experience that is incredibly rich in flavor, smooth in texture, and absolutely delicious! These steaks are for the discerning steak connoisseur and chefs seeking an unparalleled taste experience.
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Australian Wagyu Overview

The term ‘Wagyu’ refers to the Japanese breeds of cattle raised there for the highest grade of beef. However, cows that come from those genetics and are raised in other parts of the world also tend to carry the name. That’s how you end up with Australian Wagyu. This is a unique type of beef unlike anything else you’ve ever tried. It has the signature marbling and richness that comes from its Wagyu heritage hailing from Japan, but it also has a robust texture and milder flavor from being raised in the traditional Australian ranching method. Raising the cows on pasture provides a slightly leaner meat, making Australian Wagyu popular with people trying to fit beef into a specific diet. It’s still tender and juicy, but it’s unique enough that it’s a must-try.

Thanks to years of development, Australia boasts the largest population of Wagyu cattle outside of Japan. It’s often a more affordable alternative to Japanese beef with many of the same qualities that make the original breeds so esteemed. It’s also unique enough to try even if you’ve sampled Japanese Wagyu many times already. You can find both purebred and mixed breed Wagyu from Australia, giving you a chance to experience the rich flavor and marbling in a whole new way.

Some people prefer Australian Wagyu because they feel the cows have an even less stressful life than those raised in Japanese feedlots. These cows range on hundreds of acres of grassland in the most natural environment possible, leading to a slightly more developed texture that remains deliciously tender when grilled or smoked.

Australian Wagyu Steak Cuts

Wagyu beef from Australia is available in all your familiar and favorite cuts. Investing in one of the finest cuts of beef from these breeds will give you the best impression of its texture, flavor, and ease of cooking.

Filet Mignon

To many, there’s no steak better than the Filet Mignon. Imagine a deep red steak marbled with an amazing amount of fat for a steak that practically melts in your mouth. You’ll experience everything Australian Wagyu has to offer in a mouth-watering package.


For a more robust and plate-filling steak, choose the Ribeye. It’s a little leaner and makes a good choice for an everyday meal. Yet it’s still rich and tender enough to mark a special occasion, especially when you choose genuine Australian Wagyu.

Top Sirloin

Bursting with classic beef flavor, Top Sirloin is the best choice for those who prefer boneless steaks with a lean level of marbling. Still, the Wagyu heritage ensures that the meat is juicy and flavorful throughout. This is one cut of steak that tastes the best when it comes from a specialty cattle breed..

How to Cook Australian Wagyu

Since it’s heavily marbled through the muscle tissue, Australian Wagyu can handle all of your favorite grilling and smoking methods without losing its tenderness. Yet for the best experience of its unique flavor, you may only want to cook it very lightly and enjoy it ultra rare or ‘blue’. It’s all up to you and the Steak University can help you learn just how to handle your Wagyu beef.

Australian Wagyu FAQ's

Is Australian beef really Wagyu?
If it comes from 100% Wagyu genetics imported from Japan, it's only different from the original Wagyu breeds in the way it is fed and raised. That makes it genuine and slightly different at the same time.

Is Australian Wagyu better than Japanese Wagyu?
Due to the slightly more affordable price and the milder taste, some people feel that Australian beef is superior. It's largely a matter of personal preferences.

Is Wagyu worth the price?
No matter where it's raised, the marbling and flavor of this kind of beef make it worth a premium price. It's a special experience worth having at least once in your life.