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This season, give the gift of the world's finest beef! Chicago Steak Company's award-winning steaks are the Ultimate Steak Experience. Whether it's a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, we guarantee it will be the most flavorful, juicy, and tender steak you've ever had. Browse our most popular holiday gift items here.
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Christmas Steak Gifts

It’s not always easy to keep coming up with unique Christmas gifts year after year for an entire family. If you have anyone in your circle who loves to grill or is always bragging about their skills with steak, you should consider a food-based gift that they’ll treasure. Sending steak gifts for Christmas is a great way to show someone you care in a surprising way. If you know someone that has everything, including a top of the line grill and all the accessories, buying a gift they’ll consume is a great way to ensure you’re not cluttering up their place.

Steak gifts are great for anyone who loves red meat or the grilling experience. Here at Chicago Steak Company, we focus on providing the best quality steaks and other cuts of meat. We ship our products directly to your door or to the home of your gift’s recipient. There’s no need to brave the crowds or wait for sales that start at midnight. Our prices are great year round and we can schedule the delivery based on holidays, birthdays, or other special dates.

While meat gifts are great under the tree, you should also consider ordering Filet Mignon or Prime Rib for serving as Christmas Dinner. The holidays are better with a beautiful and tender cut of meat on the table. Get the whole family together for a meal everyone will be talking about for the rest of the year.

Steak Gifts FAQ's

How can you tell if someone might appreciate steak gift baskets?

Do a little asking around to see if your gift recipient is a grill hound or likes to sear a steak indoors on a cast iron pan. If they’re talking about eating more protein or have recently switched to a diet focused on meat, USDA Prime steaks are an ideal choice. You’re showing off that you’re paying attention while also sending a luxury gift that demonstrates your good taste.

What cuts make the best steak gifts?

If you don’t want to make the choice of which steaks to send, buy a subscription to our Steak of The Month Club or simply pick out a gift card. Popular options for steak gifts include Filet Mignon due to the supreme quality, texture, and flavor of this cut. Strip steaks, Tomahawk steaks, and Porterhouses are also popular, along with our generously marbled Ribeye.

When should you order steak gifts for Christmas?

Since we offer the option to schedule delivery ahead of time, you should order months or weeks before the holidays to ensure everything is in stock. You can wait until a few weeks before Christmas and still get timely delivery, but the window will eventually close in mid-December depending on the shipping schedule for the year.