Chateaubriand Tenderloin Roast

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  • GRADE:USDA Prime or Premium Angus (depending upon what you select)
  • WEIGHT:2lbs/approx 5 servings
  • AGED:4-6 weeks to enhance flavor & tenderness
  • PACKAGING:Individually wrapped & vacuum sealed
  • Individually Registeredwith its own unique registration number - guaranteeing uncompromising quality

Product is flash frozen before shipping to lock in flavor and will arrive frozen or partially thawed


Tenderloin Roast

Chateaubriand Roasts are the perfect centerpiece to any meal. Enjoy cooking this tenderloin roast at your next dinner party and impress your guests with ease. Available in Premium Angus or USDA Prime. Treat friends and family to Chicago Steak Company - they will be thankful you invited them.

All steaks are USDA inspected...but is your steak GRADED? Chicago Steak Company only sells the very best.


Chateaubriand Cooking Instructions

Medium Rare Roast:

  1. Removed thawed roast from refrigerator 45 minutes prior to cooking
  2. Preheat oven to 350°F
  3. Lightly brush chateaubriand tenderloin with extra virgin olive oil
  4. Season with salt and pepper
  5. Place roast into the oven for 15 minutes per pound for medium rare
  6. Remove roast when internal temperature reaches 125-130°F*
  7. Let roast rest 10-15 minutes before serving

*Roast will continue to cook internally once removed from heat source. Remove the chateaubriand roast 5-10°F prior to desired temperature.


Chateaubraind Cooking Time
Size (lbs)Rare 110° To 120° FMedium Rare 120° To 130° FMedium 130° To 140° F
2 lbs 25 minutes 30 minutes 35 minutes
3 lbs 40 minutes 45 minutes 50 minutes
5 lbs 70 minutes 75-80 minutes 80-85 minutes


Packaged with Care

When you place an order with Chicago Steak Company, we do everything we can to ensure that your package arrives in excellent condition. All of our steaks are vacuum wrapped and flash frozen in their natural juices to lock in the flavor. The steaks are then wrapped in our attractive food grade paper, sealed with the Chicago Steak Company gold label, and placed in our gorgeous gift box. Those gift boxes are placed inside our reusable insulated cooler with enough dry ice to keep them cold until arrival. For more information on shipping, and other Frequently Asked Questions see our FAQ page.

Watch the Video to see how your order is packed, how it will arrive, and how to thaw it properly.

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