Ribeyes & Prime Rib

Carved from the center of our premium Prime Rib Roast, these magnificent Ribeye Steaks will amaze you. These steaks are distinguished by their rich marbling and natural “flavor kernel” that runs through each steak. The rich cap surrounds the eye of the steak and is considered the best tasting portion of the ribeye. While cooking, the marbling slowly melts and bastes the steak imparting a mellow, Prime rib flavor. Offering our Ribeyes Bone-In or Boneless in Premium Angus, USDA Prime Wet Aged, USDA Prime Dry Aged, and Wagyu-Kobe.
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Ribeye Overview

When you have marbling in mind and aren’t shopping by fat content, the Ribeye is the steak you should choose. It’s got the intramuscular fat that makes beef both flavorful and rich-feeling in the mouth. While a Ribeye isn’t the most tender meat available, it’s still far softer and easier to cut than many other steaks. Many people feel that the fine-grained texture is superior to the softer cuts like Filet Mignon. Try bone-in or boneless variations of this beloved cut.

Ribeye Grades

The quality of the Ribeye steak you choose will largely determine how much you enjoy it. USDA Prime beef is the best choice, especially for this cut. Here at the Chicago Steak Company, you can find a wide range of premium steak products, including aged steaks. Find out what makes our products so different from what you can find in the average grocery store.

Premium Angus Ribeye

Any Ribeye steak that comes from a pure Angus beef farm is certain to provide excellent flavor. These beef were imported from Scotland and offer the marbling you’ve come to expect from this kind of cut.

USDA Wet Aged Ribeye

Wet aging is a sealed process that concentrates the existing flavor of the rich beef. Ribeye is a cut particularly suited to this kind of aging.

USDA Dry Aged Ribeye

For a drier texture and a nutty taste that is unmistakable, only dry aged Ribeye will do. True connoisseurs choose these steaks to impress.

Wagyu Ribeye

Wagyu beef originally was only found in Japan, but now American home chefs can get it for a surprisingly affordable price. Try the finest Ribeye with a soft texture and beautifully marbled look by choosing these steaks.

How to Cook Ribeye Guides

If you’re ready to learn new ways to cook Ribeye steaks, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you have a grill on the back patio or a cast iron pan on the stovetop, we’ve got a method that works to put a marvelous flavor on this cut of beef.

Ribeye Recipes

Starting with a marinade or putting the right finishing touches on your Ribeye can elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary. Try these easy recipes any home cook can replicate without special ingredients or equipment.

Ribeye FAQ's

How is the Ribeye steak best cooked?

The grill is a classic method for turning out a flavorful Ribeye steak, but a cast iron pan on the stove also works well. You’ll find that thicker cuts can handle cooking in the oven as well.

Is the Ribeye related to the Filet Mignon?

Ribeye is thicker than the Filet Mignon and has a slightly more noticeable grain to the meat. It’s also more flavorful in most cases.

What makes a Ribeye steak tender?

First, avoid overcooking. Keep it at medium or rarer. Second, look for good marbling and a cut of 1.5 inches or thicker.