Top Sirloin

Top sirloin is a tender, lean cut of steak with a beefy, robust flavor that is popular among steak lovers alike. This cut is also popular among the heart healthy and diet conscious, due to its full flavor and relatively low fat content, in comparison to other cuts. The sirloin specifically, is a subprimal cut of beef, located just behind the loin (considered the most tender cut), where the top sirloin is located at the top part of the sirloin section, next to the round section. This boneless, tender cut of beef can range in flavor and tenderness, but is typically best suited for grilling or broiling. Below is a listing of our top sirloins in Premium Angus and USDA Prime Wet Aged.
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Top Sirloin Overview

The Top Sirloin is indeed one of the top steaks you could choose for an everyday dinner. Thanks to its lean composition and robust flavor, it’s a good choice for meeting your dietary goals without giving up red meat. Yet this means you need to cook it with care to avoid drying out or toughening the meat since it’s not as marbled or ringed with fat as other types of steak. Top sirloins are different from standard Sirloin steaks because they’re boneless and have had part of the bottom round muscle trimmed away. This leaves them leaner than the Sirloin cut and more manageable for a small portion.

Top Sirloin Grades

While the name might have top in it, not all Top Sirloin is automatically a premium grade of beef. Look for USDA Prime cuts for the best experience at the dinner table. We offer more than just top-graded steaks, going the extra mile to help you find Angus and Wagyu beef that tantalizes the taste buds.

Premium Angus Top Sirloin

Small ribbons of white fat intermix with the deep red meat of the Angus Top Sirloin. It’s an American take on a classic Scottish breed of cow known for providing steaks with robust flavor and superior texture.

USDA Wet Aged Top Sirloin

Choosing wet aged steaks will result in a meal that blows you away with intense, concentrated beef flavor. The texture is also soft and tender with this aging method.

USDA Dry Aged Top Sirloin

If you’re a fan of the nutty and mature flavor of dry aged beef, you have refined taste buds. Top Sirloin is particularly rich when aged this way.

Wagyu Top Sirloin

More marbled than even Angus beef, Wagyu refers to cattle breeds that originated in Japan. It’s considered some of the finest beef in the world.

How to Cook Top Sirloin Guides

Avoid long and slow cooking methods because they tend to toughen up the Top Sirloin cut or leave it dry. Look for quick and hot methods like oven and pan combinations that reverse sear the meat for maximum flavor.

Top Sirloin Recipes

These recipes for Top Sirloin steaks and roasts deserve a place of honor in every family cookbook. Share them with your friends and family members who also enjoy Top Sirloin steaks on a regular basis.

Top Sirloin FAQ's

Is the Top Sirloin tough or tender?
Top Sirloin is a relatively tender cut. Don’t confuse it with Sirloin Tip, which is much tougher and needs slow cooking.

Why did my Top Sirloin turn out chewy?
Watch out for excessive heat exposure and don’t overcook the meat to well-done. This cut deserves a medium to high heat level and only a medium level of doneness for optimal texture.

Should you grill or smoke Top Sirloin?
The lower fat level means grilling works well but smoking may leave the meat on the dry side.