How to Grill Sirloin Steak

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Sirloin steak comes from a non-exercised area of a cow, up near the back portion of the animal. This cut is nice and tender when cooked, but most fans really love it for its bold, beefy flavor. The grill seems to pull out those natural flavors the best, combining them with the tell-tale smoky taste of a barbecue. 

Skip going to the steakhouse for a fresh, grilled sirloin steak, and learn how to make it on your own grill using our guide.

Preparing The Grill

Get your grill ready to grill sirloin steak. Whether you use a charcoal or gas grill, consider brushing a small amount of oil on the grates before adding steak to prevent sticking.

Gas Grill

Prepare the grill by preheating it to high, or about 500 degrees. If your grill has two heating zones, make one zone high heat and the other low heat, or about 275 degrees. You’ll use the low-heat side to make sure the inside of the steak comes to the right temperature for your desired doneness level. It should take your gas grill 5-10 minutes to heat completely.

Charcoal Grill

Light your charcoal grill using your favorite method. Some grillers prefer to use a chimney starter to light the coals, but you can also mound coals on the bottom middle of the grill to light them. Wait until they turn white to carefully scatter them on the bottom of the grill in a single layer.

Cooking Time

On average, a sirloin steak is about 1 ½ inches thick at its thickest part. Therefore, it typically needs a little more time than thinner steaks, like flank or flat iron. For a medium-rare cook, set aside about 12-15 minutes to cook on the grill from start to finish. 

Higher levels of doneness need a bit more time. Add another 1-2 minutes for each level of doneness. For instance, medium can take closer to 14-17 minutes, while medium-well might take 16-19 minutes.

Final Temperature

You can grill sirloin steak to your optimal doneness level. Use the chart below to find the temperature at which to remove the steaks from the grill and the final temperature your steak should reach based on each level of doneness. 

DonenessTemperature to Remove from HeatFinal Temperature

Medium Rare Sirloin Steak

Medium-rare is the ideal doneness level for steak, including sirloin steak. To cook sirloin steak on the grill to this temperature, continue cooking until your meat thermometer reaches 125-130℉. Then, let the steak rest on a clean plate tented with foil until it reaches 130-135℉. This usually happens in about five minutes.

Sirloin Steak Grilling Tips

Before walking through the steps of how to grill sirloin steak, read these tips to help you prepare.

Clean and Oil the Grill 

Never try to grill sirloin steak on a dirty grill. Not only can your steaks end up sticking to the grates, but they’ll also pick up the flavors of the meal you cooked last. Use a grill brush and mild soap mixture to scrub the grill clean after each use, making it easier to prepare the next time.

Many grills can also benefit from brushing a small amount of oil on the grates before preheating them to prevent sticking during the grilling process.

Prepare High-Heat and Low-Heat Grill Sides 

If possible, heat one side of your grill to high and the other to low. This can be a little trickier with charcoal grills, but try to have at least a small area prepared without an intense flame. This two-zone cooking method lets you continue cooking the inside of your sirloin steaks after the outsides have seared to ensure that you get a cooked center without scorching the outside. 

Be Sure to Check Its Temperature 

Never forget to temp your steak before removing it from the grill. Although it might appear done on the outside, the inside could still be raw. If your steak needs a little more time to reach the right temperature inside as indicated by your thermometer, move it to a low-heat side of the grill for a couple of minutes and close the lid for extra cooking time. 

Choosing the Right Cut

Confused about the different types of sirloin steaks you find at the supermarket or butcher, such as USDA Choice, USDA Prime, and dry-aged? These terms don’t need to be confusing.

Basically, the USDA markings are the way in which the USDA labels steaks that meet its standards. USDA Prime is the label for steaks with the best marbling and tenderness, as it’s usually from younger cattle. 

An indication of either dry or wet aging is always good to have, as both processes give the steak time to age, or reach its optimal flavor and tenderness. Chicago Steak Company offers USDA Prime wet-aged sirloin steaks aged 4-6 weeks to give you the very best quality.

Grilling Sirloin Steak Instructions

Ready to start grilling sirloin steak? Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Prepare for Grilling

Preparation makes for better sirloin steak. To start, remove the steak from the refrigerator and transfer to a clean plate. Salt generously on both sides. Then, leave at room temperature for 45 minutes before you’re ready to cook. 

Meanwhile, brush the grill grates with a small amount of olive oil, and preheat the grill to high heat for 10-15 minutes before cooking. Right before adding the steaks to the grill, finish seasoning them. Sprinkle more salt, if desired, and black pepper, plus your other favorite seasonings.

Step 2: Grill Sirloin Steak

Once the grill is ready, transfer the steaks to the high-heat area of the grill. Let them sear for 3-4 minutes on one side before flipping with tongs to the other side. Sear for another 3-4 minutes on that side.

Step 3: Check the Temperature

Now, check the temperature of the steak with a digital meat thermometer by inserting the probe into the thickest part of the steak. A medium-rare steak should read 125-130℉ before removing it from the grill. Use the temperature chart above to determine when to remove your sirloin steak based on your ideal level of doneness. If the steaks need a little more time, move them to a low-heat area of the grill for another minute or so until they reach the right temperature range. 

Step 4: Let it Rest

When cooked to your liking, remove the steaks from the grill and place them on a foil-tented plate to rest at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. Serve and enjoy!

grilled sirloin steak

Grilling Sirloin Steak

Prep Time 45 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Course Main Course
Servings 2 people


  • 2 top sirloin steaks
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • olive oil


  • Transfer sirloin steak to a plate at room temperature. Salt generously on both sides, leaving at room temperature for 45 minutes. About 10 minutes before you're ready to grill, brush olive oil on your grill grates. Then, preheat the grill to 450-500 degrees. If able, keep another section of the grill on low heat
  • Season sirloin steaks with pepper and a sprinkle of salt, if desired, and place them on the grill, letting the side touching the grates sear for 2-3 minutes until golden brown. Flip with tongs and do the same to the other side
  • Check the temperature of the thickest part of the steaks. If they need more time to reach your desired doneness level, move the steaks to a low-heat area of the grill and cover, cooking for another 1-3 minutes until they come to temp
  • Transfer steaks to a clean plate tented with foil to rest for 5-10 minutes before serving

Other Ways to Cook Sirloin Steak

Once you first taste sirloin steak on the grill, you may not want to try any other cooking method for this yummy cut of beef. But if you do, here are a few other ways to cook sirloin steak:

  • Oven-baked
  • Reverse seared
  • Sous vide
  • Pan-seared
  • Slow cooked
  • Skewered

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