Top Ten Los Angeles Steakhouses That Shouldn’t Be Missed

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When you think about the Los Angeles dining scene, you may be inclined to focus on the acclaimed sushi houses in the financial district or innovative seafood and chicken dishes at one of the numerous bistro’s that dot the area’s historic beachfront.  But if you don’t count LA’s steakhouses among some of the best the country and the world has to offer, well, you’d risk missing out on an epic meat-inspired dining experience.

While we prefer chowing down on USDA Prime, dry-aged, gourmet steak at home courtesy of Chicago Steak Company’s convenient door-to-door service, sometimes a night out on the town is in order.  When we’re on the west coast, nothing beats one of LA’s numerous steakhouse restaurants, all with a distinctively big screen flare, worthy of star-studded acclaim.  Try out a restaurant from our list and eliminate any misconceptions you may have of LA’s dining scene being even remotely red meat allergic.


When preparing our list of top ten Los Angeles steakhouse restaurants we applied our own Chicago Steak Company high standards, first and foremost, weighting the scores heavily in favor in those who source only the finest quality beef.  Selection of available cuts and variety of sides and accompaniments were our next highest factors, because every good steak needs a supporting cast.  Finally, we took into consideration the fine details such as ambience, reputation, service and potential to sneak a peek at a Hollywood superstar.  To break the inevitable close call between these fine establishments we applied the subjective yet all important “Would We Take a First Date Here” test; a time-honored method for evaluating any potential gourmet dinner meal in tinsel town.  What we came up with was a list of 10 of the best Los Angeles area steakhouses, with five more that were so good they deserved a nod to their beefy wonders on our honorable mentions list.

The depth and quality of this list speaks to Chicago’s long and renowned history for being the source of some of the nation’s finest steak.  While we may have ranked our preferences, you certainly can’t go wrong with a dinner night out at any of the restaurants that made the list.

The Top Ten Los Angeles Steakhouse Restaurants

Boa LA Steakhouse

Photo by Boa 

1.    Boa

Address: 9200 Sunset Blvd #650, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Dry Aged Beef: Yes

What to Order: 40 Day New York Strip

The Breakdown:  Few steakhouses epitomize all that is shiny and good about the Los Angeles dining scene as much as Boa in West Hollywood.  Business leaders, politicians and A-type celebs all flock to this scene-stealing restaurant to chow down on juicy, USDA prime steaks cooked to perfection and expertly prepared cocktails.  While the scene, scenery or food on its own would make this a must-hit spot on any LA foodie tour, it’s the expert combination of all three that places Boa at the top of the Chicago Steak Company list.

Speaking of the menu, you can’t go wrong when choosing any of the numerous cuts offered up on Boa’s menu.  Tender filets, succulent porterhouse, certified Wagyu beef and even a selection of game meats are sure to satisfy even the pickiest meat eater at the table.  Enjoy the meat in its naked form or dress it up with one of the numerous crust or sauce preparations.  With items such as lobster mashed potatoes and crab & black truffle gnocchi, make sure you save room for one of the restaurants tasty sides.


2.    Taylor’s Prime Steakhouse

Address: 3361 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005

Dry Aged Beef: Yes

What to Order: The Culotte

The Breakdown:  Dining at Taylor’s you’ll find everything you’d expect from one of Los Angeles’ best steakhouse restaurants.  Red leather booths, wood paneling and excellent service have helped this high-end dining joint stay on top of its game for over 60 years (longer than many acting careers).

Taylor earns consistent votes as top area steakhouse due to its commitment to USDA prime, gourmet steaks, cooked to perfection at prices that are more approachable than comparable establishments.  Daily dinner specials dot the menu alongside a host of familiar and hard to find steak cuts.  We recommend the Culotte, a cut taken from the top cap of the sirloin and comparatively tender and flavorful.  If you’re feeling like a different preparation for your beef, the ribeye sandwich or beef-eater dip are less formal options that won’t disappoint.

3.    Pacific Dining Car

Address: 1310 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Dry Aged Beef: Yes

What to Order: Baseball Steak

The Breakdown:  While its long since moved across the street from its original home in the namesake, train inspired dining room, little else has changed in this Los Angeles staple’s eating experience.  Boasting an 24/7/365 open-for-business policy, for nearly 100 years this gourmet establishment has been butchering, dry-aging and grilling up USDA Prime steaks on premises to the delight of many a beef lover.

One of the most unique menu items, the Baseball Steak is an extra thick top sirloin cut that’s guaranteed to be a homerun every time.  The rib-eye, prime rib and filet mignon aren’t any slouches, either.  For a side, give the mushroom risotto a try for a creamy, earthy compliment to your perfectly cooked steak’s fiery char.  Finish the meal with a classically prepared martini or elegant glass of red wine for the complete gourmet steakhouse experience.

Photo by Nick and Stef’s Steakhouse 

4.    Nick and Stef’s

Address: 330 S Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Dry Aged Beef: Yes

What to Order: 38oz Dry Aged Tomahawk Rib Chop

The Breakdown: High atop Los Angeles’ acclaimed Bunker Hill, Nick and Stef’s is not so quietly offering up some of the most consistent, high quality, gourmet steak dinners LA has to offer.  The recently redesigned dining room is full of elegance with bright, light colors and plenty of glittering silverware to compliment the deep wood and charcoal grey accent tones.  Modern, nearly sculpted furniture will have you thinking you’ve stepped into the doors of a high-end design catalog rather than one of the best steakhouse restaurants in Los Angeles.

That thinking will quickly be dispelled by a glimpse at the expansive menu.  The beef is USDA Prime and dry-aged on premises to control for quality and ensure the freshest, juiciest cuts possible.  A full selection of seafood dishes are sure to satisfy the ocean-lovers in your party.  When it comes to accompaniments, be sure to try the mac n’ cheese, loaded with gruyere and shallots and the perfect, creamy accompaniment to your gourmet steak eating experience.

5.    The Arthur J

Address: 903 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Dry Aged Beef: Yes

What to Order: Dry Aged Prime T-Bone Steak

The Breakdown:  Can’t decide between filet or bone-in ribeye?  In the mood for USDA Prime, juicy dry-aged steak but your guest has a hankering for a premium cut of Angus beef?  At the Arthur J, you can forego the tough decisions and sample from the expansive menu’s numerous cuts and types of beef, all high-quality, flavorful and the best money can buy, just like we like it at the Chicago Steak Company.

From the moment you enter the mid-century modern themed dining room you’ll know you’re in for a rare dining experience.  The cool, clean atmosphere is warmed up by the wood fire grill over which every cut of steak served in the restaurant is cooked to utter perfection.  The commitment to beefy excellence continues to show through with both wet and dry-aged menu options, with a dry-aging room on premises.  If the budget has room, try out the melt in your mouth tender certified A-5 Wagyu.  Your taste buds can thank us later.

6.    Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

Address: 443 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Dry Aged Beef: Yes

What to Order: Porterhouse

The Breakdown: Wolfgang Zweiner, founder and namesake of this upscale Beverly Hills restaurant, certainly comes from a strong background for steak excellence.  Once the head waiter for Peter Luger’s acclaimed brand of restaurants, Wolfgang decided to set out on his own and Los Angeles area diners have been grateful for the decision.  Gleaming cherry wood floors, white linen tablecloths and glittering chandeliers create the perfect backdrop for a classic steakhouse experience.  But don’t just stop at the ambience.

The menu at the simply named Wolfgang’s is paired down compared to what you’d see at other establishments, fitting on a single page for the dinner selection, excluding the wine list of course.  What this top ten LA steakhouse lacks in variety, however, it makes up for in consistency and quality of the food.  With a dedicated dry-aging box and beef-centric menu items such as the signature porterhouse grilled to perfection at a sizzling 800 degrees, you know you’re in for a high-end steak eating experience.

7.    Chianina Steakhouse

Address: 5716 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803

Dry Aged Beef: Yes

What to Order: 29oz Bone-In Ribeye

The Breakdown: If you’re looking for romantic ambience, or perhaps a little bit of privacy for your next business dinner, head on over to this Los Angeles area high-end steakhouse nestled in the heart of Long Beach.  Dim lighting gives way to soft spotlight over individual tables, which is definitely a plus as you’ll want to feast your eyes and your mouth on the beefy delicacies that will be making their way across your plate.

What makes the beef at this top-tier steakhouse so memorable, and gets the Chicago Steak Company nod of approval, is the unique breed heritage.  Sourced from restaurant namesake Italian Chianina cows, the restaurant owners loved the unique flavor and excessive marbling so much, they imported their own herds to serve up in their LA steakhouse.  Other ingredients are equally as fresh, with as many menu items as possible harvested from local farms to ensure both sustainability and optimal taste.

Photo by Baltaire Restaurant 

8.    Baltaire

Address: 11647 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Dry Aged Beef: Yes

What to Order: Filet Tasting

The Breakdown:  Picture this: A warm, breezy Southern California night.  Not a cloud in the sky.  You and your date are seated on the retractable-awning covered patio of one of the finest dining establishments in the posh Brentwood neighborhood.  What could make this tableau even better?  How about a waiter serving up an impeccably cooked steak dinner, accompanied by delicate raw-bar selections, a crafty cocktail and finished up with a sublime desert?

If all of this sounds like a version of meat-loving heaven, head on over to Baltaire where you’ll be treated to the crème-de-la-crème of a top ten Los Angeles steakhouse restaurant experience.  From bone-in, dry-aged cuts to fabulous filets, the menu doesn’t lack for red meat options.  If you’ve got room in your appetite, be sure to start off with the Prime steak tartare to begin your tour into the flavors and textures that quality gourmet beef has to offer.

Photo by The Pal Los Angeles

9.    The Palm

Address: 1100 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Dry Aged Beef: Yes

What to Order: 24oz Bone-in Prime Rib

The Breakdown: While Los Angeles has a plethora of gourmet steak joints to choose from, there is only one restaurant conveniently located in the heart of downtown that has been serving up quality cuts of USDA Prime beef before the Staples Center was a twinkle in a developer’s eye.  The Palm is an iconic LA restaurant dedicated to the art of preparing beefy delicacies within walking distance of some of the hottest attractions the area has to offer.

All of the steaks included in the varied list of gourmet cuts are corn-fed, USDA Prime and dry-aged a minimum of 35 days, satisfying even the Chicago Steak Company’s picky standards when it comes to well-marbled beef.  While there are plenty of sauces and sides that are sure to spice up your meal, red-meat purists will see no need when consuming one of the perfectly prepared gourmet steaks.

Photo by Carlitos Gardel Restaurant licensed Squarespace

10.  Carlitos Gardel Restaurant

Address: 7963 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Dry Aged Beef: No

What to Order: USDA Prime Ribeye (Bife De Chorizo a la Pimienta)

The Breakdown: While you won’t find dry-aged options on offer at this Argentinian style steakhouse located along the posh Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, given the expert quality of the preparation and tastiness of distinctive sides and sauces, you may not miss this typical steakhouse cornerstone.  Chimichurri sauces, spicy sausages and a host of accompaniments certainly won’t leave you wanting.

Just because the steak isn’t dry-aged, doesn’t mean it isn’t delectable.  The highest quality, USDA Prime Grass-Fed beef, is the only kind of steak you’ll find on the menu at this approachable LA restaurant.  Prices are also more reasonable that similarly located, quality establishments meaning you’ll have room in the budget to splurge on a big Argentinian red or one of the decadent deserts.

Honorable Mentions


The Lowdown: It seemed pure indulgent coincidence for two steakhouses by chefs turned craftsman named Wolfgang to make the list of our Los Angeles top beef establishments, but when you’ve got a good thing going, who are we to judge.  At Cut you’ll find the attention to detail you’ve come to expect from the culinary genius that is Wolfgang Puck.  Dry-aged beef, cooked to perfection, plenty of sides and a gorgeous atmosphere to sit back and enjoy it all in.  Bonus points awarded for this eatery being a common spot to catch a glimpse of an A-list celeb or two.

Arroyo Chop House

Just the Facts: Narrowly edged out due to its lack of dry-aging options, this Pasadena staple makes the list as the only restaurant in the San Gabriel/San Fernando Valley area to exclusively serve USDA Prime beef, every cut, every time.  Even the chili, a delectable treat of spice and smoke, doesn’t skimp when it comes to the beef rating.  The New York cut is the single dry-aged menu addition, but if you have to pick just one steak we highly suggest the succulent Cowboy Ribeye.  Feeling extra decadent?  Add a touch of Foie Gras to any cut and find yourself immersed in luxurious, melt in your mouth, foody heaven.

Steak & Whiskey

Offering up a more casual atmosphere than most typical steakhouse experiences, Steak & Whiskey brings a decidedly southern bent to a wide variety of steak cuts and classic sides.  Don’t let the cowboy boots and red-leather seating fool you.  The service and food is as good as you’ll get with any white-tablecloth affair.  The Tomahawk is dry-aged a minimum of 30 days and the filet mignon is served up with crab fritters and sweet corn grits that are made with so much love, they’ll have you thinking you’re back home at grandma’s table rather than out and about in Los Angeles.

Chi Spacca

If you thought you needed to go to New York to find the top Italian style steakhouses in the U.S., think again.  Chi Spacca is proving that LA truly is one of the great melting pots of cuisine.  The most iconic preparation, the immensely sized Bistecca Fiorentina, can certainly rival even the best that Italy has to offer.  The ambience certainly isn’t a slouch either and wood-worn tables will have you instantly transported to Tuscany and beyond.  Definitely one of the don’t-miss establishments for great LA steakhouse dining.

Del Rae Restaurant

Although the Hollywood Park Racetrack may be long gone, the longtime staple of betters, trainers and horse enthusiasts galore persists in Los Angeles’ iconic Del Rae Restaurant.  Featuring USDA Prime grade beef, white tablecloth service and a host of impressive steakhouse sides, the Del Rae is everything you need to enjoy a fine, gourmet beef meal.  The wooden paneling and inviting booths will leave you transported back to a simpler time and set the stage for an impressive and iconic steakhouse dining experience.

The Los Angeles Top Ten Wrap-Up

If you think of LA’s dining scene as a haven for boneless, skinless chicken breasts and avocado laced everything you’d be sadly mistaken.  LA’s steak-eating scene is as strong as any other major internal dining city and takes its influences from a variety of cultures and regions both domestic and international.  Have a favorite joint that you think should have been included on our list of Top Ten Los Angeles Steakhouse Restaurants?  Drop us a line and maybe your favorite will make our next updated offering!