How to Cook Cold Water Lobster Tails on the Grill

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Check out Episode 2 of Steak University TV as host Mark Kranenburg shows how to cook Cold Water Lobster Tails on the Grill.

Video Transcript: Steak University Episode 2 – Cold Water Lobster Tails on the Grill

Mark: Hi I’m Mark Kranenburg today we’re rockin out a backyard barbeque with good people and amazing food. Showing you all the best Chicago steak company has to offer – right here on Steak University TV.

Mark: Today we’re here with our corporate Chef. Chef Philippe what are we cooking today?

Chef: Absolutely! Today we are going to cook a New England favorite some Maine lobster tails and everybody loves a good lobster tail so here at Chicago Steak Company we have some cold water lobster tails that are ten to twelve ounces which should be absolutely incredible so let’s peek in here and see what we got. Wow…You are getting four incredible lobster tails perfectly packaged they come to you IQF which means individually quick frozen so you can actually just pull one out you don’t have to thaw out your whole four lobster tails just pull one out cook that to your pleasure or have two for your significant other which is very important.

Mark: How are we going to cook these today, Chef?

Chef: We are actually going to prepare these two ways: we are actually going to steam them right here inside the house and since it is summer time and we are outside at the pool with friends of ours, we are going to finish them on the grill.

Mark: After boiling the tails for fourteen minutes we take them out, dry them off; Chef Philippe is going to split them in half and head straight for the grill. Look at that lobster!

Chef: Oh! It is mouth watering. Ready for the grill

[Chef and Mark go to the grill outside]

Mark: Chef, How long does it take to cook a lobster tail on the grill?

Chef: On the grill since we already heated and cooked our lobster earlier inside you really only want to put maybe a minute or two just put a nice little grill mark on the side of it and that’s really it it’s just a finishing touch that’s what we are looking at. So let’s put them on the grill.

Mark: Let’s do it!

Chef: Face down

Mark: Love seeing that steam.

Chef: Cold water Maine lobsters from Chicago Steak Company…and stay close and watch for the next cold water lobster tail recipe with Chimichurri Sauce that is going to be perfect to drizzle on top of our tails, enjoy!

Mark: There you have it! Cold water Maine lobster tails I’m Mark Kranenburg this is Chef Philippe we’ll see you next time on Steak University TV.

Outro: Stay tuned for more of our backyard barbecue series. Right here on Steak University TV