How to Broil Maryland Crab Cakes in the Oven

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Watch Chef Philippe as he teaches us how to broil the perfect Maryland Crab Cakes. Follow along at home and see how easy it is to cook the perfect crab cakes for friends and family.

Video Transcript: Steak University Episode 2 – Learn to Broil Maryland Crab Cakes in the Oven

Intro Mark: Hi I’m Mark Kranenburg today we’re rockin’ out a backyard barbeque with good people and amazing food. Showing you all the best Chicago steak company has to offer right here on Steak University TV.

Mark: I’m here with Chef Philippe, the corporate Chef for Chicago Steak Company. Chef what do we have in front of us?

Chef: Today we are going to have some incredible Maryland blue shell crab meat crab cakes that are absolutely incredible. These crab cakes are fully loaded with 100% Maryland Crab jumbo lump that is just going to literally melt in your mouth after your done broiling them it is absolutely the best crab cake that you can find anywhere around and you can find them at Chicago Steak Company.

Mark: What method are we going to use to cook these things?

Chef: We are actually going to broil them this evening. You have two styles of cooking for crab cakes you can fry them in a saltine pan with a little bit of olive fry them on both sides golden brown but I personally like to put them in the oven and have a nice little crunch on the outside but at the same time have that brown coloration. So let’s take them out and see what there all about! Look at these jump lumps of crab meat all over these crab cakes absolutely beautiful we’ll remove them and put them on a plate for right now so you can actually see how incredible and uniform in size they are. Each one of these is four ounces so right here on this plate we have one whole pound of Maryland blue shell crab meat from the Chicago Steak Company. We actually put this in our pre-heated oven on to the broil setting for fourteen minutes and this is the end results so let’s dive in! You can truly see all the crab meat in here; this is an absolutely incredible crab cake – only from Chicago Steak Company

Outro: Stay tuned for more of our backyard barbeque series right here on Steak University TV