Making Tarte Flambée & Beef Carpaccio

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Chef Philippe teaches us how to make Tarte Flambée for a quick and easy appetizer at your next friendly gathering. Also, learn how to make Beef Carpaccio

Video Transcript: Learn to make Tarte Flambée & Beef Carpaccio

[Intro music] Mark: Hi I’m Mark Kranenburg today we’re rockin’ out a backyard barbeque with good people and amazing food. Showing you all the best Chicago steak company has to offer right here on Steak University TV.

Mark: I’m here with Chef Philippe, Chef Philippe what are we putting together here?

Chef: Actually tonight is going to be an incredible evening

Mark: Where do we start?

Chef: We’re going to kick off and rock the appetizers.

Mark: Nice! What’s the first appetizer?

Chef: Well, for the first appetizer we are going to do is a Tarte Flambée which is bacon, onions, sour cream. It’s just outstanding. First thing we’re going to do is as you see this moves around a little bit (Moves cutting board back and forth) so let’s take care of this. (Takes out wet paper towel) Here we have our handy dandy paper towel that has been moistened so it’s nice and wet. This is your little pro tip of the day (Puts moistened paper towel under cutting board and board does not move) No more moving.

Mark: Something so simple that a lot of people don’t know. Chef let’s see how you do this

Chef: Well let’s start with a little bit of Tarte Flambée, as you see here we have our ingredients little Fromage Blanc, which is a little bit lighter than sour cream doesn’t have the same acidity, some nice white onions, little bit of bacon that has been diced very nicely so let’s get started. we have the Fromage Blanc we’ll put little bit of our coarse sea salt in here, little bit of our ground black pepper and I’m a fanatic of nutmeg I love nutmeg so a little bit of nice fresh nutmeg just to give it a nice little hint inside is all we need and you can smell it from here. Give it a smell. Mark: Wow that smells amazing!

Chef: Just a little bit of nutmeg changes everything so here we are, it’s really one of these appetizers that’s absolutely so fast so incredible so easy. So here we go everybody can get a nice little tortilla we’ll put a little bit of the Fromage Blanc on top just spread it around nicely very quick very easy you don’t want this to be too thick so it’s nice and crunchy when you’re done putting it together. We’ll put a little bit of our diced bacon on top here we go very simple ( puts diced bacon on tortilla) just make sure it’s nice and mixed. For this one just use your hand so it’s a little easier just a little bit of onions on the top. This is really it this is what we’re looking at. This is going to be prepared like this in a preheated 425 degrees oven in about 4-5 minutes. It’s very quick very refreshing very crunchy just perfect for your friends.

[4-5 minutes later]

Mark: It’s out of the oven ready to go Chef let’s try it out.

Chef: Absolutely! You know look at this you can smell everything and hear the crunch as we slice these up. So here we go why don’t you give it the first try? Mark: Thank you chef.

[Eats the appetizer]

Chef: It could be a little hot.

Mar: It is a little hot but that crunch from the onions you can taste that smoke from the bacon nice and light something great to start a party with. Chef: Something great to start a party with and literally put it together in record time, five minutes in the oven and your done.

Mark: What’s next Chef?

Chef: Here we have Beef Carpaccio with USDA prime chateaubriand from Chicago Steak Company

Mark: Which, if I’m not mistaken is the filet mignon?

Chef: It is the filet mignon tenderloin which is absolutely the finest that will be served in any steakhouse or here in this application in its raw state. You see the marbling you have here which s the finest for a filet mignon, typically if you buy it from the grocery store it has no marbling at all so this is where the flavor is and we are going to put it together and eat it raw, it is truly a pleasure to eat filet mignon just like this, as you can see here this is the solid state that you see here you do see the marbling throughout the filet mignon the chateaubriand as well as on the outside, it comes to you perfectly clean and ready to go. Mark: What ingredients you got here?

Chef: Well, here we are looking at using caper berries, here we have some parmesan cheese crisps. Basically what we do here is we take some shredded or grated parmesan in your little Teflon pan just sprinkle it around its gonna take about 90 seconds on both sides and you let it dry like this so it becomes a nice little crisp. Here we go! little bit of parmesan crisp, we are going to take our Chicago Steak chateaubriand with a little piece we are going to add it on top right here we are going to add a little piece of caper berries right on top right here and our freshly sliced lemon zest just add a little bit on the top right here and to finish just a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, so Mark do me a favor you give it a shot

Mark: With Pleasure(takes bite) oh yeah!

Lady: Hey Mark, What are you making?

Mark: We just put together some Beef Carpaccio, You wanna try before we give it to the guests?

Lady: Well I’ll like to try it I have never tried it before so I’ll give it a try.

[Takes bite]

Chef: Here comes the guests!

Mark: We’re having a party!

Lady: That’s delicious! It’s sweet and has a little tanginess. Oh, very nice I mean the crackers are great and it really adds a nice touch and texture to the Carpaccio.

Chef: Well, hopefully the guests will like it as much as you do.

Lady: Well I’m sure they’ll be thrilled (laughter).

Josh: Stay tuned for more of our backyard barbeque series right here on Steak University TV

[Crowd cheers and celebrates]