Grilling USDA Prime Boneless Strip Steaks

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Chef Philippe teaches us a bit about Dry Aged Beef and then shows us how to grill the perfect Boneless Strip Steak in this episode of Steak University TV.

Video Transcript: Learn to Grill USDA Prime Boneless Strip Steak

Mark: Hi I’m Mark Kranenburg today we’re rockin’ out a backyard barbeque with good people and amazing food. Showing you all the best Chicago steak company has to offer right here on Steak University TV.

Mark: I’m here with Chef Philippe, Chef Philippe what are we putting together here?

Chef: Tonight is going to be an incredible evening, what we are look at is little pieces of heaven in this box. It’s actually Dry Aged USDA Prime Strip Steaks. Boneless strip steaks that are 16 ounces. So let’s look at this, look at this steak. I’m in love and I’m French so I know what love is all about so what we are looking at here is really the marbling of this prime dry age steak.

Mark: When you talk about dry aged what does this mean?

Chef: Well actually what we are talking about compared to wet aging which we will address in a later time. Dry aging is an aging process in an atmospheric controlled room. The intensity of the flavor of the beef is just going to permeate through the steak and boneless strip that is just incredible so when we are looking at this, this is just incredible. When we are looking at this, this is absolutely The Ultimate Experience that you can get from Chicago Steak Company.

Mark: So if I understand right, Dry aging is the old fashioned way of doing steak?

Chef: Back in the day when they shipped any kind of protein over the boats, over the Atlantic, there was no other way of doing it except dry aging it or curing it in salt. So actually it is the oldest, only today what we are doing today is using an atmospheric room so that the bacteria that are developing and giving the flavors throughout the meat, we control. So this product is absolutely the best the ultimate steak you can get anywhere.

Mark: We know there are many ways of preparing a steak, how are we going to prepare it today?

Chef: The best way! The ultimate grill, the absolute perfect heat. Direct heat and then finishing it off on a little bit of a slower heat. Then we’ll get in to details with that to make sure we have a perfect crust on the outside nice and juicy inside searing all the juices it is going to be beautiful

Mark: The sun is shining, the people are jamming, Chef Philippe lets do this!

Chef: Before we do this we want to make sure the steaks are ready, there bloomed they have been open for about 15 minutes or 20 minutes just so they get the natural color and oxidation comes back so that there beautiful and red like this. So we want to make sure we put some of our incredible Chicago Steak Company seasoning on these steaks developed just for us and it is absolutely incredible the flavor profile you get out of this, so let’s open this up and take a whiff

Mark: Wow…that’s amazing

Chef: All I can smell is herbs little bit of garlic, pepper, salt.

Mark: Alright let’s get this party started!

Chef: Mark do the honors

Mark: You got it chef

Chef: There we go. This is a nice and hot grill. This grill has been pre heated 450-500 degrees to give it a beautiful sear when we put the steaks on. You see the spices on here? The more spices the more crust you have on the product which is going to give it a nice little crunch. Let’s put these on here and listen to the searing.

Chef: Pro tip number 2 now that we have the steaks seasoned on one side on the grill now I can put the seasoning nice and easy on the other side of the grill Mark: Chef Philippe why don’t you explain to our viewers how to tell how well done your steak is?

Chef: Absolutely! So it truly is actually very easy because we all have the perfect tool to make sure that our steaks are cooked perfectly. So you look at your hand right here between the thumb and your finger very soft very soft so what you looking at if you relax your thumb this is going to be rare if you press you can see the indentation it’s rare. If you stick your thumb out just loosely not all the way this is medium you can see how tight the skin is? That is going to be exactly the same on you steak when it is medium. And if you want to have a steak that is cooked well done which some people do extend it fully as you see right here and press your steak is going to be well done just like this. Everybody has these!

Mark: So you can cook it the way you like it

[Background music as steaks are being cut]

Mark: There you have it USDA Prime Dry Age Boneless Strip Steak. I’m Mark Kranenburg this is chef Philippe we’ll see you next time on Steak University TV Chef: Enjoy!

Josh: Stay tuned for more of our backyard barbeque series right here on Steak