Mail Order USDA Prime Dry Aged Ribeye

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Ever wonder what makes a Ribeye so flavorful? In this episode, chef Philippe examines Mail Ordered USDA Prime Dry Aged Ribeye from Chicago Steak Company.

Video Transcript: Mail Order USDA Prime Dry Aged Ribeye

Intro Mark: Hi I’m Mark Kranenburg today we’re rockin’ out a backyard barbeque with good people and amazing food. Showing you all the best Chicago steak company has to offer right here on Steak University TV.

Mark: Today we’re here with Chef Philippe again, Chef Philippe what are we making today?

Chef: We are looking at the beautiful sunshine outside, the grill is nice and hot and the pool is cool, and I feel like a Ribeye. We received 14 ounce Ribeyes from the Chicago Steak Company that are – Oh my! Look at this…Look at these steaks! These are 14 ounces of USDA Prime Dry Aged Angus beef. Truly The Ultimate Steak Experience from Chicago Steak Company. It is absolutely an incredible steak I mean look at this marbling this is where your flavor is the more marbling, the more fat the better. Don’t give me a steak that has nothing inside of it. It may look beautiful but has no fat no marbling – this is where your flavor is going to come from. We are going to put these on our grill just like I said before that is pre-heated nice and hot and it will absolutely melt in your mouth like a piece of butter.

Mark: There you have it! USDA Prime, Dry Aged Ribeye Steak. I’m Mark Kranenburg, this is Chef Philippe we’ll see you next time on Steak University TV

Chef: Enjoy!

Outro: Stay tuned for more of our backyard barbecue series. Right here on Steak University TV