Is the Carnivore Diet a Legitimate way to Lose Weight?

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Welcome to 21st century eating, where nearly every variation of food consumption is a glorified diet plan. We have veganism, vegetarianism, lacto-vegetarian, lacto-ovo, pescatarian, paleo, keto, intermittent fasting, mediterranean, DASH, South Beach, macrobiotic, and so many more. It’s enough to make one dizzy when looking for a diet plan. Each diet appears to have a loyal following. Furthermore, there’s a new diet in town that’s been gaining momentum that just might be the the exact opposite of veganism. This diet is appropriately called “The Carnivore Diet”.

For many years, higher protein diets have been gaining momentum as an option for slimming down and building lean muscle. Many popular diet’s such as South Beach, Dukan, Atkins, Keto, and others have high protein meals as their base. The ketogenic diet has high fat intake at the core as well to alter how the human body uses fuel. Unfortunately, this is not a sustainable long-term diet. In the body, ketosis is a survival mechanism and not meant for sustainability. These diets have promised improved energy, mental clarity, better skin, hair, muscle tone, and much more.

The Evolution of High Protein Diets

It seems like the steady progression of protein-based diets has finally ended with the carnivore diet. This is based solely on animal-derived foods. No plant-based foods are allowed, although some choose to incorporate specific items. Many people boldly proclaim that consuming high-quality protein the wonderful benefits they’ve seen for weight loss, skin, hair, internal health, energy, gut issues, inflammation, autoimmune challenges, and much more. It flies in the face of plant-based science, although modern science isn’t always honest. Many vegans that eat purely plant-based foods are switching back because of serious health issues.

When it comes to the carnivore diet and weight loss, the merits appear to be legitimate, although unproven. The premise of why it works is sound, scientifically speaking. More importantly, people are seeing real results with this diet. However, it may not be ideally suited for everyone. Some have mentioned issues they may face while on the carnivore diet. Nevertheless, most people are very impressed with the results.

Why the Carnivore Diet Works for Weight Loss

There are three reasons why the carnivore diet may be effective for weight loss. First, it dramatically lowers the amount of insulin-spiking carbohydrates that you consume on a daily basis. The typical diet includes a surplus of carbohydrates that spike insulin several times a day. This causes high blood glucose levels and fat storage. Secondly, the high protein content helps rev up metabolic rate and yield better results from exercising. Several studies back this up this claim.

A good source of protein doesn’t tend to spike insulin or store as fat, so it’s an ideal source of fuel. However, abusing and overdoing protein may put unnecessary strain on the body. Lastly, the carnivore diet usually avoids simultaneously mixing high amounts of carbohydrates and fats. While this mixture tastes great, it has contributed an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Eating moderate amounts is okay, but excess consumption leads to many health problems over time.

Another important benefit of this diet is that it’s extremely rich in nutrients. Animal-based nutrients are absorbed very well, so it’s helpful if people have deficiencies. However, it will not satisfy every deficiency and will miss out on many valuable plant-based nutrients that protect the body. The weight loss benefits will still be present by strategically adding in certain plant-based foods.

Many people that go on the carnivore diet add in these foods for variety and to make it more sustainable. Extreme diets have never been known to work long-term. Striking an ideal balance is the way to achieve better health. A plethora of scientific data shows that certain plant-based foods have important benefits. Nevertheless, the carnivore diet appears to be a legitimate plan that can help people get in better shape.