Will Steak Burgers Surpass Hamburgers in Popularity?

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Nothing really screams American like a good old-fashioned burger. Without a doubt, hamburgers are one of the staples and signatures of the United States. It’s an association that countries all around the world world tie to the states. The worldwide love and popularity of burgers is certainly something to be proud of, especially when compared to hot dogs or American cheese. Not to denigrate hot dogs, they’re certainly an important staple that will forever be linked to America’s pastime, baseball. Besides the nitrates and sometimes toxic ingredients, hot dogs can be quite delicious with the right toppings. Let’s be honest though, when compared to burgers, they just don’t have the same potential deliciousness.

While we can’t legitimately make a case for inventing hot dogs (frankfurter), we may be able to claim hamburgers as our own. While the exact origins remain somewhat mysterious, America certainly made the hamburger what it is today. However, many believe that the place of origin is Hamburg, Germany. It is true that a dish came from Hamburg that consisted of ground beef or steak, mixed with spices, and possibly bread. This is essentially a hamburger without any toppings.

The origins of the hamburger have been a heated debate for nearly a century. Despite this, we know that it began to flourish in the United States in the early 1900’s. For many years, hamburgers were very expensive when served in restaurants. Immigrants from Germany opened restaurants in NY and Chicago and featured Hamburg steak. Over time, the price began to drop as different grades of beef were used. When factory workers were offered steaks from trucks, they were very difficult to consume. And out of necessity or convenience, the bun was born.

What the Heck is a Steak Burger?

When people first hear the word steak burger, it seems a bit vexing as to what it is. After all, we know hamburgers come from beef, which is exactly what steak is. The only difference being in how it is processed. There is really only one difference in each type of burger; the cut that it is derived from. The meat that is most often used for hamburgers is chuck steak. Perhaps the only reason hamburgers became what they are is because they were affordable to the masses from using chuck beef. Inevitably, it evolved from that, as things often do in the United States.

The name steak burger became known because of the Steak ‘n Shake chain. A steak burger can be a single cut or a mixture of several types. Sirloin, ribeye, and T-bone are the most common cuts that are used for these delicious little wonders. However, a sirloin is the signature of a steak burger, but each chef may prepare it their own way. The steak burger is oftentimes lower in fat, but more nutrient dense than regular hamburgers.

Some people may take a bite of a steak burger and never want to go back. If you value meat in a burger, which is highly likely, than the answer is yes. However, this all depends on the quality of meat being used. Perhaps the only weakness of a hamburger is the type of meat that’s used, although chuck meat can certainly be delicious. Improved texture and taste of higher quality meat could potentially provide even deeper satisfaction. Once people taste an upgraded burger, the difference will be obvious.

Will this lead to the extinction of the hamburger?

Probably not. Just like steak, there are high grades and lower grades. However, steak burgers may surpass regular burgers in popularity in the future. It seems to be trending in that direction, although there will always be a need for different grades of meat and burgers. Another potential reason for this is the lean nature of steak burgers compared to regular burgers. There is a movement to be more health conscious, and steak burgers offer a leaner, more nutrient dense option.

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