Steak Lovers: These Steak-Complementing Plants are Easy to Grow in Your Garden!

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Photo by congerdesign licensed under CC0

If you love steak as much as we do, and you have some space (and a desire) to start a garden at home, then you’ll want to read this guide. We’ve rounded up six of the best plants you can grow at home because a) they pair well with steak, and b) they’re ridiculously easy to grow. There’s no need to have a green thumb when you have these hardy plants in your garden!


Steak and potatoes often go hand-in-hand as the perfect dinner pairing and, fortunately, spuds are relatively simple to grow. In fact, you don’t even need a garden plot to grow them; a deep container, bag, or even an old tire can do the trick (seriously – here’s a tater-tire guide!).

To start growing potatoes, you only need your container or garden plot, a few chunks of potatoes with eyes starting to sprout, good soil, and some sun and water. You won’t need to do much to your sprouting spuds aside from “hilling” them occasionally, which refers to the process of moving more soil up and around the plant as it grows.


Grilled steak topped with tomato salsa is a great substitute for a heavy starch like potatoes. If you like your steak dinners a little lighter, you can grow tomatoes in your yard with very little fuss.

Cherry tomatoes are especially easy for beginners to grow, but Roma and Beefsteak tomatoes likely won’t stress you out either. Most tomato varieties don’t need a lot of water; just make sure they have plenty of sun, and you check them regularly for pests.


We love a good garlic butter sauce for steak, especially filet mignon! But garlic works with steak in several other ways, too. You can use fresh garlic in a steak marinade or gravy, rub your steak with garlic or other seasonings, or even cook steaks in a pan with buttery garlic.

You can grow garlic inside or outside your home using individual cloves that sprout a scape that grows up from the soil as a new bulb forms underneath. They require a few deep waterings in well-drained soil and plenty of sun, and you should be on your way to having fresh garlic as part of your dinner.


Nothing beats a steak with fresh herbs and spices, many of which are simple to grow in your kitchen windowsill and harvest as needed. Try rosemary, basil, thyme, and cilantro, all of which are easy to grow, require little care and bring beautiful flavor to beef.

Bell Peppers

Do you love onions and peppers as a steak topping? If so, try your hand at growing bell peppers in your garden (actually, several pepper varieties are relatively easy to grow and can work well with steak, depending on your desire for spice).

You can start bell pepper seeds indoors, so they’ll be ready to transition to your garden during your warm season. They’ll need to stay watered thoroughly, and larger plants may need some support with stakes, but otherwise, bell peppers are fairly tolerant.


Several leafy greens, like spinach, pair well with steak for dinner and make for a healthy side dish. Spinach can grow in cool weather, which is great for people who live outside of warm climates and helps keep them free from most pests. For the simplest spinach-growing experience, look for some transplants at your local nursery that you can continue to care for.

Conclusion: Growing Vegetables and Plants to Complete Your Steak Dinners

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