Throw an End of Summer Block Party the Neighborhood Won’t Forget

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summer block party

Photo by Pxhere licensed under CC0

You’ve checked your local laws (permits might be necessary!) and everything is good to go for the end-of-summer block party you’ve been dying to host for months. Where do you start when it comes to planning and organizing a bash the whole neighborhood can enjoy? Make it a summer worth remembering by following these tips for a winning block party.

Get the Word Out

Not only would it be embarrassing if barely anyone showed for your party, but it would also throw all the hard work you’ve done out the window (not to mention potentially waste a whole lot of yummy food!). Getting invitations into your neighbors’ hands is important, but so is getting as many eyes to see them as possible.

Print eye-catching invites on your computer (search Pinterest for free ones – you’ll find plenty!) and hand them to your neighbors or tape them to their doors if they aren’t home. To get even more people to your party, you should also consider utilizing some technology.

Local Facebook groups are perfect for getting the word out, as is a simple ad on Craigslist. You can also print extra invitations and see if some local businesses will let you hang them on a bulletin board or place them on their front counters.

Don’t forget to add your number or email address so people can RSVP. You’ll need an idea of how many people to cook for!

Don’t Disappoint with Your Meat Selection

For most block parties, the food is the star – or, at least, should be. People love going to parties to socialize over a good meal, so you’ll want to make sure your food stands out. Summer is synonymous with delicious grilled food, so let your meat selection do all the talking!

Chicago Steak Company offers a wide range of grilling meat assortments, USDA prime steak cuts, pork ribs, and more meat options to please every guest. Order your favorites online today to receive in a few days. Your choices will surely be a hit and make you the talk of the neighborhood.

Have Everyone Contribute

Planning and hosting a party for the whole neighborhood can get expensive if you go it alone, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. As long as you make it known in your invitation that bringing a covered dish or drinks along is encouraged, most guests will gladly oblige.

You can also save a lot of money on drinks if you make it clear that your party is BYOB-only. You can provide inexpensive favorites like water bottles or sports drinks.

Make it Fun for Every Age

The more people you include in your open invitations, the better. Make sure your neighbors know that your party is kid-friendly so that those without babysitters feel welcome. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to keep the party fun for kids, like including a soundtrack of the latest hits, a couple of small wading pools, some arts and crafts, or a bubble-blowing station.

Remember to include some kid-friendly foods, too, like bite-size fruit, finger sandwiches, mini corndogs, and maybe even some wood fired grilled pizza.

Conclusion: A Block Party to Remember

By shopping online for meat from Chicago Steak Company, you’ll cut your prep time for the party while also making sure you’re getting quality steaks, burgers, chicken, and more for everyone to enjoy. Stack on the other tips we’ve included and you’re sure to have the best party on the block to send summer out with a bang!