4 Unique Ways You Can Reward Your Teen’s Positive Behavior

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Teens are in an awkward spot. They want to impress their friends and their parents, but the things they need to do to accomplish it usually don’t align. It can also be a challenge for parents to find ways to reward their teens when they make healthy, safe, and positive choices in their lives. Face it: Parenting teens is a whole new ball game that we often aren’t prepared for!

Research shows that teens thrive off positive rewards. Their brains are still maturing, which makes them still on a similar wavelength to younger kids who seek rewards for positive behaviors. Skip the usual monetary rewards and consider using some of these out-of-the-box reinforcements for your teen instead!

Give Her More Responsibility

One of the best ways you can show your teenager how proud of her you are is by giving her a bit more leeway to prove how responsible she is. This is an excellent reward for a teen who has recently shown, in some way, that she can be responsible, like choosing to skip her friend’s party to stay home and study for an important test without you coaxing her to do it.

Teenagers are learning how to balance important things in their lives, like their family, friends, school, and extracurriculars. Pay attention when she finds ways to place things in order of importance or makes responsible choices that keep her safe or healthy. Rewards like an extended curfew or a few extra hours with the car not only lets her prove her responsibility again, but also shows that you trust her decisions.

Treat Him to a Special Dinner at Home

A night out at a favorite restaurant could be a great reward for your teen, but you can make it even more special at home by cooking up his dinner choices and having the family “wait” on him. This reward is an awesome way to show your teenager how proud you are of his hard work at school, passing his driver’s test on the first try, or anything else he’s shown persistence in accomplishing.

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Support Her Hobbies

Show you care about your teen’s interests and give her some new ways to enjoy them by buying a few things that she can use toward her hobby. If she likes to paint, maybe a few new canvases or a painting class will do the trick. Is he showing a new interest in cooking? Give him a gift basket with an apron, cutting board, and maybe a few pots, pans, and cooking utensils to get him on the right track.

Let Him Choose

When your teen does something that makes you proud, why not let him take the reigns and pick out an activity he wants to do with you and the family or his best friend? A movie night at home, complete with three of his top movie picks, blankets and pillows, and lots of yummy snacks can be a fun way to bond with the family, or you can treat him and a friend to a day at a nearby amusement park.

Conclusion: Creative Ways to Reward Teens

It’s incredibly important for all kids to feel good about themselves and know that trying hard, making positive choices, and being the best they can be are crucial steps in life. As a parent or guardian, you have the power to reinforce your teen’s best behaviors to keep them climbing those steps in the right direction. From a delicious steak dinner at home to handing over some extra responsibility, the above rewards are sure to make any teen know they’re on the fast track to success.