5 Great Cuts of Beef for BBQ Cooking

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When it comes to steak, perhaps the most enjoyable method of all time is firing up the BBQ. The alluring taste and powerful scent of smoke mingling with meat is enough to form a lifelong addiction for many. There’s something about grilling in nature that just wets the appetite and makes nearly any cut of beef taste better. Furthermore, summertime is synonymous with swimming and BBQ cooking with friends and family.

As most meat lovers know, there are some cuts of beef that are ideally suited for BBQ cooking. Firing up the grill causes excitement and anticipation of a great meal. It’s only fitting that the right types of meats are used to exceed expectations. Without careful preparation, you could end up with BBQ grizzle and leather instead of amazing steak.

Is there an Ideal Cut of Beef for BBQ Cooking?

Before searching for the ideal cut of beef, it’s critical to opt for the highest-quality possible. Premium Angus Prime USDA is the highest quality rating in America. Following USDA Prime, you have Choice and Select. Depending on the occasion and budget, going below USDA Choice may not give the results worthy of firing up the grill. If you’re looking to have an epic BBQ and can spend the money, go for Prime. The meat is more tender, the flavor is more intense, and the marbling is more impressive.

The marbling on a cut is a great way to gauge the tenderness and juiciness. Marbling is the intramuscular thread-like webbing of fat that helps to improve the juiciness and overall flavor. Furthermore, a piece of beef without good marbling may have a bit more toughness that doesn’t bode well for BBQ cooking. However, there are exceptions to that rule.

Wet or dry-aged beef is another great quality to look for. Recently, aging methods have gained an incredible amount of mainstream popularity. The aging process causes the predigestion of some of the tougher collagen, muscle fibers, and sinews. While the word predigestion isn’t the most appealing when it comes to meat, it significantly improves the quality. Here are 5 great choices to consider for your next epic cook off.

1. Ribeye

Ribeye is a classic cut known for its fantastic marbling, flavor, juiciness, and grill-ability (new word, feel free to use it). It is one of the most popular steaks served in restaurants all around the world. In addition, ribeyes have a high fat content that gives the meat tons of delicious buttery flavor.

2. Filet Mignon

Undoubtedly, filet mignon is up there among the most beloved cuts of beef all around the world. The extreme tenderness and juiciness are legendary. Moreover, the reason for this amazing tenderness is because of the section of a cow that filet mignon comes from. It is an amazing choice for BBQ cooking. Due to the low-fat content, filet mignon steaks cook faster so it’s important to keep an eye on them.

3. Kobe Wagyu Beef

While Kobe beef isn’t a specific cut of beef, it’s a grade that is considered to be the highest in the world. This type of steak would be reserved for special occasions due to its hefty price tag. To be considered legitimate Kobe grade wagyu beef requires extensive certification. Genuine Kobe beef must be from Kobe, Japan. The marbling, tenderness, taste, and quality is renowned all around the world. Be very careful not to botch this masterpiece of beef by overcooking.

4. Porterhouse

With porterhouse cuts, you get a unique blend of a strip steak and filet mignon all in one. This massive cut has been called the “King of Steaks” or “King of the Steakhouse” due to its immense size. Porterhouse cuts are large enough to feed up to 3 or 4 people depending on the appetites. In addition, it’s known as being one of the most ideal cuts for BBQ cooking.

5. Top Sirloin

Top sirloin is a thicker, leaner cut of beef, but is one of top choices for grill addicts. It’s ideal to use with delicious marinades. Top sirloin isn’t known to be one of the most tender or flavorful cuts of beef. Despite that, it’s a reasonably priced steak that can be amazingly delicious when made properly. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to step up the tenderness of almost any cut of beef. Doing a 1-day dry salt brine or 1-hour pineapple marinade can really improve the overall texture and tenderness. Happy summer barbecuing!