Beat the Heat: The Best Wine to Drink in Warm Weather

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white wine with dinner

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Summer is still in the air, which means there will be plenty of pool parties, cookouts, and beautiful warm weather to entertain. With the warm weather, though, comes a few tweaks you’ll probably need to make if you’re planning any type of outdoor get-together. You’re now tasked with keeping food and drinks cold and tasting great while enjoying the summer weather.

Wine can be an especially tricky thing to understand. Wine is an excellent drink option with grilled steak and gourmet steak burgers, but not all wines pair well with the warmth. A rich, dense wine can make you feel weighed down, while a light, fresh wine that can be served cold can be uplifting for you and your guests.

Need a few ideas for delicious, summery wine that will compliment your next barbecue? We’ve got you covered:

Dry Rosé

Perhaps the best wine choice for warm summer nights is a dry rosé, one of the lightest wines on the block. Be sure to look for dry rosés instead of blush versions, which will be a little too sweet for the heat. Dry rosé is just sweet enough and its flavor is refreshing, especially when poured over ice.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is another summer go-to, offering a refreshing, light taste with every sip. It’s also great when chilled or ice cold and it can pair surprisingly well with your favorite steaks. You can even opt for champagne versions of Pinot Noir if you prefer a bubbly texture with chilled wine.

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is one of the most popular options all year ‘round because of its rich flavors, but it’s also an excellent option for a warm weather wine. It has light, fruity flavors that mimic everything you love about summer and doesn’t feel like a weight in your belly. Bonus: The flavors tend to get even better when you serve it chilled, so get that bottle in some ice!


Riesling is a versatile wine that ranges from very dry to very sweet, so you can likely find a version that meets your taste preferences and compliments whatever food you’re eating, but it’s still light enough to offer just the right amount of body in the summer heat. Chilling also enhances the Riesling’s flavors – just don’t make it super cold, or the flavors you love may suffer.


Albariño is a Spanish white wine is an excellent option for surf & turf parties. It has infused summery flavors, like peach and lime, that make it work with shrimp, sushi, and your other favorite seafood. It’s light and crisp, making it wine your guests are sure to reach for.

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