Stop the Waste: How to Use Leftover Steak

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Steak is not cheap to buy, so tossing leftovers seems like a crime. And, really, it should be because there’s no reason to dump uneaten steak in the trash. While many people think that there’s no hope for making leftover steak tender and as flavorful as it was when cooked fresh, we debunked that myth. Check out our guide to reheating steak properly to savor all the details.

There are certainly many ways to reuse leftover steak, even if you don’t believe that it can be as good the next day (or even two or three days later). 

11 Ways to Use Leftover Steak

Below, find 11 of our favorite ideas for reusing leftover steak to avoid food waste and add another dinner to the table.

  1. Turn It Into a Stir-Fry

A steak stir-fry can become a go-to meal for steak enthusiasts with some leftover beef in their refrigerators. Stir-frys are especially convenient because you can make them in so many ways, even adding other leftovers you might have, like sauces and vegetables. Turn your stir-fry into an Asian-inspired beef and broccoli dish, or experiment with whatever you’d like.

Just be sure not to slice the steak into stir-fry strips until you’ve reheated it according to our reheating guide. Once it’s finished resting is the best time to slice it to keep it juicy and tender. 

  1. Add It to Soup

The best perk of putting your leftover steak in a beef-focused soup is that the steak can soak up all the juices and flavor of the soup base, potentially making it taste even better than before and preventing it from drying out. Some ideas for soups to add your steak to include:

  • Hearty beef stew
  • Steak and potato soup
  • Vegetable beef soup
  • Steak and mushroom soup
  • Cheesesteak soup
  • Steak fajita soup
  1. Make Steak Tacos or Fajitas

Pieces of steak that were a bit on the tougher or less flavorful side to begin with can be transformed into yummy protein for tacos or fajitas easily. In fact, it’s often cheaper cuts of steak that go into this kind of dish, anyway, because they lack a palatable texture or flavor. Tacos and fajitas have plenty of flavor floating around in their other ingredients, so the steak doesn’t have to be the only star.

With that said, you can beef up the taste and texture of leftover steak with a good marinade. Soak your leftovers overnight in the fridge, and you can reuse them in your tacos or fajitas for the next night’s dinner.

  1. Reheat It for Breakfast

Steak and eggs is a yummy, protein-rich breakfast option that we tend to forget is plausible on busy mornings. But with leftover steak, it can take just a few minutes to whip up your favorite eggs, reheat your steak, and enjoy your breakfast before heading out the door. Add some fresh fruit, hearty potatoes, or buttered toast to complete the meal.

  1. Make a Yummy Pot Pie

Traditionally, pot pies use chicken as their protein. However, steak is another prime choice if you’re looking for a different take on the classic pot pie. Pot pies with steak have more of a beef roast type of filling with the same deliciously flaky crust on the outside. 

Leftover steak is an excellent match for this dish. Just reheat it using your chosen method, let it rest for a couple of minutes, and dice it up before cooking the pot pie. 

  1. Top Your Salad

Thin-sliced steaks add flavor and protein to salad, giving a nice twist on the usual tuna or chicken. Top with corn, tortilla strips, and salsa for a Spanish-style salad, or add avocado, feta cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette for a Mediterranean-inspired dish. Best of all, both cold and hot steak can work on a salad, depending on your preferences. 

  1. Create a Pizza

Use your leftover steak as a pizza topping. Steak can work for a supreme-style pizza, or you can try a unique recipe, like a Philly cheesesteak pizza or a barbecue steak pie. Chop leftover steak into small cubes and add it to the pizza before baking. 

  1. Craft a Steak Sandwich

Slice reheated steak thinly and turn it into a steak sandwich. Keep it from being dry by adding a condiment or sauce, like steak sauce or mayo, and some melted cheese on top. Skip the cooking part and try this beef dip sandwich recipe.

  1. Turn Them Into Steak Sliders

Or, if you prefer bite-sized sandwiches over full ones for a party or fun lunch idea, make some steak sliders instead. This simple dish can be fully customized to your preferences. Make cheesesteak sliders, steak and egg sliders, or simply top the steak with your favorite burger toppings for a quick treat. 

  1. Add It to Potatoes and Gravy

Reheat leftover steak in the slow cooker with beef gravy until it’s tender enough to pull apart. Then, whip up some mashed potatoes and top them with the steak and gravy. This is the perfect way to reuse steak leftovers without spending much time in the kitchen to prepare another dinner.

  1. Feed the Dog

While feeding steak bones to dogs isn’t the best idea, many dogs can tolerate steak itself (just check with the vet first!). If you don’t have time to transform your steak leftovers or simply want to give Fido a special treat, cut up your leftover steaks into cubes and give them to the dog. You can add small cubes to your pup’s regular food to ensure they get all the necessary nutrients.Leftover steak doesn’t belong in the trash. You can turn it into just about any steak recipe your heart desires after following our reheating tips. Head over to Steak University for cooking guides, recipes, and everything else you need to know about making the most of your steak at home.