Amazing Desserts to Impress Your Guests at the Next Dinner Party

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cheesecake sampler

No dinner party is complete without a yummy dessert that will get your guests talking. A dessert should do exactly what it’s meant for: Ending a meal with a rich taste that pleases the palate. These dessert ideas are perfect for serving several guests at a time and giving them flavors they’ll all appreciate.


Who doesn’t love a good cake for dessert? Believe it or not, Chicago Steak Company sells desserts that are just as scrumptious and drool-worthy as their award-winning steaks. Our gourmet dessert line consists of various cakes (and cheesecakes!) that your guests will crave every time they’re invited to one of your get-togethers.


If you’re not sure about ordering desserts online from a steak company, then we urge you to at least try our cheesecake selection. We’re certain you’ll change your mind once you taste a bite of our New York Style Cheesecake or Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake. Our Turtle Cheesecake with a honey graham pecan crust and caramel cream cheese filling is one of our top sellers, but people also love ordering the Cheesecake Sampler, which includes slices all three cheesecakes plus Chocolate Chip Cheesecake slices!

Red Velvet Cake

Yes, we even delve into decadent Classic Red Velvet Cake, an incredibly moist variation of one of the most popular cakes on the planet. Topped with light cream cheese frosting, this is one cake that screams gourmet dining, but can ship directly to your home through convenient online ordering.

Death By Chocolate Cake

No chocolate lover could resist our Death by Chocolate Cake, which is the perfect follow-up to a steak dinner. Chocolate mousse filling sandwiched between chocolate cake layers built over a brownie base is a great way to end the evening with your family and friends.

Elevated Puddings

Think differently about pudding. We’re not talking about the little sugary cups you put in your child’s lunchbox. We’re talking about elevated puddings with rich flavors. Grown-up pudding, if you will.

Pudding is great because it’s comforting. It makes you feel cozy and relaxed with its creamy texture and favorite flavors that remind you of being a kid, like vanilla, chocolate, and caramel, but it doesn’t have to be juvenile.

Tapioca pudding is rich and creamy with just the right amount of texture, and add-ins like caramel sauce or cinnamon take it to another level. Or, try a creamy banana pudding or fluffy, decadent bread pudding.

Old-Fashioned Apple Pie

You can never go wrong with an apple pie (or any pie, really). Apple pie is versatile. It pairs well with just about any meal, and it can suit the atmosphere of your dinner party.

Are your guests mostly beer drinkers? Great! Dark beers tend to work well with apple pie because their rich, smoky flavors are a good match for the sweetness of the apples.

If your attendees prefer wine, shoot for a fizzy dessert wine with light tastes, so dessert doesn’t feel too heavy. Moscato is perfect!

Conclusion: Make Your Next Dessert Hunt as Easy as Possible

Ready for dessert? Don’t head to the store. Check out our selection of gourmet desserts you can order online. They’ll arrive in a few business days, packaged to keep them fresh and at just the right temperature.