How to Save Money Buying Wine for a Group of Guests

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set of wine glasses

Photo by KaboomPics licensed under CC0

With the holiday season creeping up, there’s no better time to talk wine. It’s one of the busiest times of the year for champagne and wine sales. If you’ve ever bought wine for a group of guests coming to your home to celebrate the holidays, though, you know what a hole it can put in your pocket.

But, there’s this thing about wine. We tend to equate better wine with a higher price tag. Although that can be true, it’s definitely not a rule. There are ways for you to save money on wine for your big holiday soiree, so you can put your money on other party-worthy stuff, like decorations, gifts, and food.

  1. Shop around. Like any other type of store, liquor stores are in competition with each other. Browse a few in your area for a month or so before your get-together. Keep an eye on their current and upcoming sales or ask an employee what deals could be happening in the next few weeks. You might find that you can spend a fraction that you would at another store just because of their promotions.
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment. There might be a type of wine you usually go for, but when it comes to saving money, you should open yourself to some other tastes that could be cheaper. Stay away from trendy name-brands and look for wines that are similar but may have a name you never heard of. They could be just as tasty.
  3. Check the discount stores. Discount stores like ALDI sometimes have their own wine and liquor section with a price break on regular Check them out! There’s nothing wrong or shameful about saving a couple bucks per bottle.
  4. Buy wine in bulk. Boxed wines get a lot of flak because – let’s face it – they don’t look as upscale as a fancy bottle. However, they’re usually much less per ounce because you’re paying for a box instead of that fancy Boxes of wine tend to have the equivalent volume of three to five bottles (sometimes more) inside, so you’re getting a lot for your money. Some liquor stores also sell wine in cases, which could save a significant amount of cash.
  5. Look for wines from specific countries. Some countries produce cheaper wine that still tastes as good as many of the more expensive ones from other countries. Try to stay away from places like France and Italy and read the labels to find Chile and Argentina-based wines instead.
  6. Have every guest pitch in a couple of dollars. There’s no harm in asking your guests to pitch in a small donation to help with the costs of your get-together. If you have ten guests and everyone gave as little as $2, that’s still $20 to help you buy a couple of bottles.
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Conclusion: Don’t Let Wine Purchases Eat into Your Holiday Cashflow

Wine is a drink for coming together and celebrating with loved ones. It shouldn’t blow your whole holiday budget out of the water. Follow the tips above for a more affordable holiday party, and don’t forget to shop online with Chicago Steak Company for meat and dessert to please every guest. We have excellent promotions running throughout the year that can help you save money on top-quality steaks, burgers, ribs, and lobster tails.