Surprise Your Customers with These Tricks That Show Your Appreciation

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Need some unique ideas for keeping your customers around and showing them how much you care? You usually don’t have to look any further than rewarding them for their time and engaging with them in meaningful ways. Here are a few tricks that show some true appreciation for new and long-term customers alike.

Reward Their Loyalty

It’s great to get new customers, but it’s even better when you’ve had most of the same customers sticking around for years because they love what you do and what you sell. Each is important, but those long-term, loyal people are the ones that continue to help your business grow and prove that your business is worth sticking with.

Reward loyal customers with exclusive sales and bonuses that show them just how much you appreciate their continuous business and investment in your company.

Offer Plenty of Discounts

It’s no secret that people are more willing to purchase if they know they’re getting a good deal. In fact, some people will only buy your products when they have a discount code, or you have a current promotion. Can you blame them? Saving money is high on the priority list of most people, so you should expect that your customers want a good deal.

There should always be some sale, special bundle, or discount code available to your shoppers, whether you’re an online or brick-and-mortar business. Offer discounts at the door or slashed prices for purchases with a minimum dollar amount. You can even offer something simple like a 10% discount to people who sign up for your mailing list. Just make sure that consistent offers are floating around for new and existing customers.

Give Them Incentives

You’re probably more likely to stay with a company when there’s something in it for you. It’s not selfish; it’s human nature to want to get the biggest bang for your buck! You can thank your customers for sticking around and spreading good things about your business to others with incentive programs.

Offer credit for referrals, for example, or discounts that get steeper as your customer purchases more from you. You’re not only giving them a reason to keep purchasing from you and giving you business, but you’re also showing them that what they do for your company matters to you!

Give Unexpected Gifts

One thing most companies have yet to pick up on is the power of an unexpected gift. How would you feel about a business that randomly sent you a gift card to an online store just for being a valued member? It’s such a great way to prove that your customers are more than just a number, yet it’s a fairly untapped resource as far as customer loyalty rewards go.

Send a random $5 Amazon gift card to your most active customers every month, or even some of your newest customers to say, “Thank you for trying us out!”. Or send some corporate gift baskets or steak assortments to corporate clients who’ve stood out.

Show Sincerity

The most important part of showing that you appreciate every single one of your customers is making your sincerity known. Your customers will be able to tell if you’re just doing what you do to get more sales or if you genuinely believe that each customer is an irreplaceable part of your business.

Take time to interact with your customers every day on a meaningful level. Send follow-up emails or phone calls to ask if they’re satisfied with your business and offer them a chance to give some suggestions or ask questions. Engage with them on social media. Have conversations with them in your store. It’s a seemingly small step that will go a long way in keeping your customers around.

Conclusion: Customer Appreciation Goes a Long Way for You Too!

Having a solid customer appreciation plan in place is an excellent way to continue to spread thanks to your most loyal customers and to new customers for taking a chance on you. Think outside the box for rewards that genuinely show you care, like gift certificates to Chicago Steak Company to treat them to a delicious steak dinner in the comfort of their homes. A small gift can go a long way in keeping customers around and growing your business.