How to Have a Healthy Meal at a Steakhouse

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Eating out is something most of us probably do a little too often. While there’s nothing wrong with eating dinner at your favorite restaurant, making a frequent habit of it may leave a hole in your wallet and some extra pounds around the stomach.

A steak dinner from a steakhouse can be one of those things that transitions into unhealthy territory quickly, depending on the portions and the sides that go with it. Here are a few helpful tips to make sure you don’t overdo it at the steakhouse:

5 Tips for Eating Healthily at the Steakhouse

  1. Watch Your Steak Portion

Did you know that an actual serving of steak is only three ounces? That’s about the size of your palm if you have average-sized hands. Most steakhouses want to impress with their hearty steak serving sizes, so it’s not uncommon to see the menu only list servings of six ounces or more.

If you don’t see a small portion size listed, you can always ask your waitperson to cut a steak to a size that meets your needs. Go for a bigger cut, and you may end up with more calories and fat content than you intended.

  1. Choose a Lean Steak Cut

Again, steakhouses want to impress you. The way they impress you is with their big, juicy steaks. Unfortunately, many of the steaks at a steakhouse aren’t lean cuts; instead, they have a lot of marbling, which is strips of fat that runs through the steak to give it that tender texture you love.

That doesn’t mean a lean steak has to be flavorless and dry, though. Some steakhouses serve lean cuts for those watching their diets, like a tenderloin roast or strip steak. If the steakhouse menu doesn’t list nutrition facts, you should be able to ask for a list to see and compare cuts.

  1. Ditch the Sauce 

Some people love steak, BBQ, or creamy butter sauce atop their steaks. As yummy as they are, they pack on calories without you even realizing it. If you must have some sort of flavor for your steak, you can ask your waitperson if they offer any kind of wine-based sauce (i.e., not creamy) that will bump down the calorie content.

  1. Get Your Greens (and Other Colors) In 

The more vegetables you add to your meal, the better. Remember that, for a healthy meal, the majority of your plate should be colorful vegetables and only a small portion, the meat. Get the vegetable of the day instead of rice, pasta, or potatoes, and you’ll give your meal a generous health boost.

  1. Choose the Right Potatoes

Of course, we know that potatoes and steak are about the best pair you can get. Potatoes aren’t necessarily bad for you, but all the toppings you put on them (butter, sour cream, bacon, etc.) can take them from a healthy side to a calorie-driven, fatty food. 

If you need your side of potatoes, opt for mashed potatoes – preferably, made with low-fat milk and without the butter – instead of baked potato. Unless you’re going to eat a baked potato plain, it’s tough not to go overboard on the toppings.

Conclusion: Eating a Healthy Steak Dinner

There are also a few other ways you can make sure you’re eating the healthiest steak dinner possible:

  1. Follow our Steak University, where we share tips and ideas to create a healthy steak dinner at home.
  2. Cook at home more often. We know it’s nice to get out once in a while, but you’re always in control of the health factor when you cook your own meals.
  3. Make it simple with Chicago Steak Company online steak ordering. Order quality steaks from us, and you won’t even need to head to the grocery store for meat. When preparing meals is easier, you’re less likely to eat outside of the home for convenience.

If you still want to visit your favorite steakhouse a few times a month, go for it! Follow the tips above to make sure you’re eating well while still enjoying a delicious meal.