The 6 Best Holiday Gifts for Co-Workers

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Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash

You work with them every day, but when it comes to sending them a gift for the holidays, you’re clueless as to what they’d like to get. The following ideas are anything from generic and are likely to impress almost anyone in your office.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are one of those gifts that are common, but you don’t have to stick with ones that everyone knows about. There are easily hundreds of kinds of subscription boxes on the market now for you to find one that speaks to your co-worker’s personality.

LitJoy Crate, for example, is one book lovers will appreciate. They’ll get new books each month, plus some themed goodies relating to the book. And then there’s Winc, a box that delivers a curated selection of wine to your recipient’s home each month.

Most subscription box companies have different gift subscriptions available for you to choose from, so you can gift one month or a full year. 

Steak Gifts

Nothing beats the gift of steak for the foodie on your list. Chicago Steak Company has gift baskets, steak gift certificates, and popular steak assortments that are perfect for people who don’t treat themselves enough. 

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DIY Gifts

Making gifts for your co-workers can save a lot of money if you plan to be an elf for several people at your workplace. Head to Pinterest to gather ideas for mason jar recipes, DIY candles, decorations, photo gifts, and more. 

Personalized Gift Cards

Gift cards don’t have to be boring gifts. When you order from Happy Cards, you can get more personal by gifting your co-workers a card that features stores relating to their interests.

For example, the Happy Bites card is suitable for use at Noodles & Company, Jamba Juice, and other yummy dining spots. The Happy Bride card is perfect for a bride-to-be to shop at JC Penney, David’s Bridal, and other wedding-worthy shops.

Does your co-worker have hobbies outside of work? Head to Etsy to find unique gifts relating to that hobby. You can find patterns to create a DIY tote made of leather, fashion pieces, or cozy blankets, and DIY glass jar terrariums for people who love having real plants at their desk.

Do you know a coin collector? There’s a full section on Etsy for coin and money-related collectibles and items. You can also find gifts for pet parents, baking and food decorating items, and just about anything else that relates to what your co-workers love most.

A Charity Donation

For co-workers you don’t know well enough to tap into their interests with a gift, you can always opt for a charity donation in their name, which can be more meaningful than anything you can wrap. Be sure to get a certificate from the charity that lists the amount you donated and the date so you can present it to your recipient.

Gift Only the Best for Your Co-Workers

Your co-workers will love the time and thought you put into their holiday gifts when you choose any of the above options. To learn more about our selection of steaks, gift cards, assortments, and gift baskets, head to  You can order conveniently from our website (just don’t get caught browsing in your cubicle!).