Steak Gifts: The Perfect Present for Any Occasion

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perfect steak gifts

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No one wants to get gift cards or generic presents, like ties and mugs, for the holidays or special occasions. When you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind present that your loved one will be incredibly grateful for – and actually use! – you should head over to Chicago Steak Company and browse the selection of steak and meat gifts. Meat gift sets are the perfect way to tell the meat lover in your life how much they mean to you because you’ll be giving them something they absolutely love from one of the most popular and trusted names in the business!

Steak Gifts for All!

Send meat as a gift? No, it’s probably not the first present your mind goes to when you’re thinking about what to get your family and friends. But, your thoughtfulness is sure to delight avid steak and meat fans, giving them the perfect excuse to enjoy the most delicious cuts from Chicago Steak Company.

We have meat gifts to fit a variety of budgets, personal tastes, and special occasions. From some of Dad’s favorite steak selections to delectable gift assortments for the office, you can cover everyone on your shopping list with a convenient shopping experience at

Send Steaks to Your Loved Ones

When you send a gift from Chicago Steak Company, you can trust that your steak gets delivered fast and fresh so that your recipient enjoys the full meat flavor and texture that our company is known for. We flash-freeze our meats and vacuum seal them in their own juices to lock in their natural flavors, keeping them as fresh as they were in our hands. And, your meats arrive in beautiful packaging, complete with a gift box and Chicago Steak Company gold label so your loved one knows they’re getting the real deal.

And, if you order from our selection of customer favorites, you can even receive free shipping on your order, for savings of up to $59.99!

Are you ready to send steaks as a gift? Here are just a few occasions that are perfect for sending steak gifts:

Christmas Joy from Chicago Steak Company

Chicago Steak Company has the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone on your list, from Mom and Dad to your boss. The holidays are a good time to send some of our best sellers to your favorite families. Our top steak assortments include some of our customers’ favorite selections, from filet mignon to chicken breasts. If you are heading to someone’s home for Christmas dinner, why not send the host our Favorite Steak Sampler, which features some of our top-selling products, like Premium Angus Beef Filet Mignon, Rib Eyes, and Steak Burgers. The guests will love the robust flavors and incredible selection, and your host will appreciate the thought you put into your gift!

New Year, New Meats

If you want to brighten someone’s transition into the New Year, meat gifts are the way to go. The Classic Prime Assortment will give your loved one plenty of choices, from ribeyes to top sirloins, and will fill up the fridge with plenty of steaks and burgers to enjoy for weeks to come. Or, stock someone up with all the steaks they’ll need for a fabulous New Year’s Eve bash with one of our popular assortments, like Chicago’s Best Seller, complete with filet mignon, sirloin, ribeye, and boneless strips.

Make Dad Happy

If there’s one thing Chicago Steak Company is known for, it’s making Dad happy with steak gifts! We have several assortments made just for Dad that include the steaks he loves most, from Premium Angus Beef Porterhouse to Premium Angus Beef Ribeye. We have five Father’s Day Gift Boxes that come complete with our best, hand-selected steak cuts and our official Chicago Steak Seasoning so that Dad can enjoy a day just for him with a thoughtful gift just for him.

Round Out the Perfect Summer Barbecue

You can even send steaks as a gift for the 4th of July! Our incredible grilling assortments offer the perfect steaks and meats for an extraordinary barbecue. Ribeye and top sirloin are among the most flavorful and tender steaks to put on the grill for an amazing 4th of July celebration. The Classic American Griller features Premium Angus Beef Ribeyes, Boneless Strip, and Top Sirloin, plus Gourmet Steak Burgers and Chicago Steak Seasoning. Nothing says “I Love America” better than that!

When you order steak gifts from Chicago Steak Company, you know you’re sending something unique that won’t go to waste. Plus, you get fast, reliable shipping and quality meats sent to your recipient with care. We have assortments perfect for any occasion or loved one, like meat Christmas gifts, gifts for a special woman in your life, steak gift cards, and corporate gifts. Check out our full selection of top-notch steaks, chicken, ham, and more for anyone on your list.